Central Hawke's Bay Oxidation Ponds

HBRC 00094
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This series contains records surrounding the operations and management of the sewage ponds in the Central Hawkes Bay region. It includes chemical readings and dissolved oxygen levels for Waipawa, Waipukurau, Takapau, Porangahau, Porangahau Beach and Otane.

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created by (RiC-R027): Hawke's Bay Regional Council
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Records in Central Hawke's Bay Oxidation Ponds

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Analysis of Monitoring Programmes HBRC 00094:1:7 1996-1996
Central Hawke's Bay Oxidation Pond Returns - 1994 HBRC 00094:1:2 1994-03-01-1994-10-01
Compliance Monitoring Report HBRC 00094:1:6 1998-1998
Dissolved Oxygen & Sample Testing Results HBRC 00094:1:5 1987-1993
Ecological Assessment of receiving water HBRC 00094:2:18 2002-2003
Effluent & Macro Results HBRC 00094:1:3 1995-06-06-1996-04-30
Environment Court Affadavit, C H McLellan HBRC 00094:2:21 2006-2006
Future Directions for Wastewater Treatment & Disposal: Issues and Options HBRC 00094:2:17 2003-2003
Hearings and Legal Submissions HBRC 00094:2:11 2005-2005
Otane Ponds Assessment of Environmental Effects HBRC 00094:2:12 2004-2004
Oxidation Pond Diagrams HBRC 00094:1:4 1992-09-15-1996-07-11
Porangahau Beach Ponds Assessment of Environmental Effects HBRC 00094:2:15 2003-2003
Porangahau Ponds Assessment of Environmental Effects HBRC 00094:2:16 2003-2003
Proposal for environmental monitoring HBRC 00094:1:9 2000-2000
Recommended Options for Future Directions in Wastewater Treatment & Disposal HBRC 00094:1:19 2003-2003
Submissions on Resource Consent Applications HBRC 00094:1:10 2005-2005
Takapau: Analysis of Monitoring Programme Results HBRC 00094:1:8 1996-1996
Waipawa Ponds Assessment of Environmental Effects HBRC 00094:2:14 2004-2004
Waipukurau Ponds Assessment of Environmental Effects HBRC 00094:2:13 2004-2004
Waipukurau Sewer Pumps HBRC 00094:1:1 1993-1994
Wastewater Treatment Plants Inflow and Water Balance Modelling Report HBRC 00094:1:20 2003-2003