Akitio Pest Destruction Board Rate Books

HRC 00176
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This series concerns the Rate books for the Akito Rabbit Board (after 1968 the Akitio Pest Destruction Board) for 1925-1973. A general rate was levied under the provisions of the Rabbit Nuisance Act 1908 the 1920 amendments later the Rabbit Nuisance Act 1928 then the Rabbit Act 1955 for rate payers every financial year. The Rate book was a record of rate payers and the rates paid for that financial year. Record details include valuation roll number, Occupier and address, Description of land and area, Rate calculations and the date of payment. The outstanding rates for the previous financial years have either been written in or attached into the Rate books. There is no index, but entries are grouped by financial year. Within that they are in order by valuation role number which is also effectively alphabetical order by surname.

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Rate Book HRC 00176:1:1 1925-1949
Rate Book HRC 00176:2:2 1954-1973