Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board Correspondence

HRC 00203
Descriptive Note

This series contains the correspondence of the Apiti-Pohangina Rabbit Board for 1923-1963.

The following sub series are used in this series.

B- Notices of motion

C- Correspondence

E- Elections

F- Financial

M- Maps

P- Property

R- Ratepayers lists

L- Legal, insurance etc

S- Supervisors reports

SF- Staff records, Applications for Rabbit Inspector

SS- Stock Sheets

ST- Statistical Returns

Records include correspondence to and from government departments, outside organisations and the public,  Board agendas, minutes and gazette extracts. Regulations, Employment resignations and appointments, wage issues, poison supplies are among some of the items discussed in the correspondence.

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created by (RiC-R027): Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board
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Records in Apiti Pohangina Rabbit Board Correspondence

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Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C3 1944-1946
Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C4 1946-1947
Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C5 1947-1949
Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C6 1949-1949
Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C7 1949-1950
Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C8 1950-1950
Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C9 1950-1951
Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C10 1951-1952
Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C11 1952-1953
Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C12 1953-1953
Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C13 1954-1960
Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C14 1960-1963
Correspondence HRC 00203:1:C15 1943-1947
Correspondence HRC 00203:2:C16 1948-1949
Correspondence HRC 00203:2:C17 1955-1955
Correspondence HRC 00203:2:C18 1956-1956
Correspondence HRC 00203:2:C19 1957-1958
Correspondence HRC 00203:2:C20 1959-1959
Correspondence HRC 00203:2:C21 1959-1960
Correspondence HRC 00203:2:C22 1961-1963
Correspondence HRC 00203:2:C23 1945-1951
Correspondence HRC 00203:2:C24 1951-1963
Correspondence - Miscellaneous HRC 00203:1:C2 1940-1941
Correspondence - North Island Rabbit Board HRC 00203:2:C25 1938-1939
Correspondence - Accounts of Rabbit Skin Sales HRC 00203:2:F1 1935-1942
Correspondence A - Z HRC 00203:1:C1 1938-1941
Elections - Nomination Papers etc HRC 00203:2:E1 1923-1935
Finance - All Balance Sheets and some Working Papers HRC 00203:3:F2 1923-1963
Legal - Insurance etc HRC 00203:3:L1 1942-1958
Maps - Apiti Survey District 1916 and Pohangina County 1925 HRC 00203:3:M1 1916-1925
Notices of Motion HRC 00203:1:B1 1923-1940
Property - Pohangina Township HRC 00203:3:P1 1938-1942
Ratepayers Lists - not complete set HRC 00203:3:R1 1930-1962
Staff - Applications for Rabbit Inspector HRC 00203:3:SF1 1933-1958
Staff Records HRC 00203:3:SF2 1937-1940
Statistics Returns HRC 00203:3:ST1 1926-1942
Stock Sheets HRC 00203:3:SS1 1946-1963
Supervisors Reports HRC 00203:3:S1 1941-1963
Supervisors Reports HRC 00203:3:S2 1935-1938
Supervisors Reports HRC 00203:3:S3 1938-1941
Supervisors Reports HRC 00203:3:S4 1941-1944
Supervisors Reports HRC 00203:3:S5 1945-1947
Supervisors Reports HRC 00203:3:S6 1948-1952
Supervisors Reports HRC 00203:3:S7 1953-1956
Supervisors Reports HRC 00203:3:S8 1957-1963
Supervisors Reports HRC 00203:3:S9 1958-1963