Buckley Drainage Board Rate Correspondence Files

HRC 00073
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This series contains the correspondence records of the Buckley Drainage Board. It consists of five general correspondence files roughly organised by date and six other subject files relating to the winding up of the Board, Legal Matters, Elections, Financial matters and Statistics. The material within each general correspondence file appears to be roughly grouped together by subject.

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created by (RiC-R027): Buckley Drainage Board
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Records in Buckley Drainage Board Rate Correspondence Files

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Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
Abolition Matters HRC 00073:1:1 1950-1969
Classifications - Rates HRC 00073:1:2 1950-1959
Correspondence HRC 00073:1:3 1920-1939
Correspondence HRC 00073:1:4 1930-1939
Correspondence HRC 00073:1:5 1940-1949
Correspondence HRC 00073:1:6 Pt 1 1950-1959
Correspondence HRC 00073:1:6 Pt 2 1950-1959
Electoral HRC 00073:2:7 1920-1959
Financial - Loans - Balance Sheets HRC 00073:2:8 1920-1959
Legal HRC 00073:2:9 1920-1959
Rating & Valuation Matters HRC 00073:2:10 1930-1959
Statistics (All Returns) HRC 00073:2:11 1930-1959