Central King Country Pest Destruction Board Correspondence Files

HRC 00250
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This series concerns the correspondence files for the Central King Country Pest Destruction Board Correspondence Files for 1968-1989. Correspondence files were used to keep a record of all inward and outward correspondence pertaining to the business of the Board. An alphanumeric sub series have been used for this file system. The sub series representing specific subjects as well as their being general correspondence files (i.e. I26 is Insurance). Inward correspondence has the file classification written on the letters while outgoing correspondence as the file classification as a reference number with the letters CKC in front (i.e. CKC/AG1). Records include MAF correspondence, Bank, Insurance, Bovine TB, properties, rate matters, reports, staff matters, finance and general correspondence. It is uncertain if there were prior correspondence files as there are references to files that appear to no longer exist (i.e AH0 appear to now be filed in BO15).

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Records in Central King Country Pest Destruction Board Correspondence Files

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Amalgamation - Hunua, Ohura North, Meringa-Tokirima Boards HRC 00250:1:AM2 1973-1974
Amalgamation - Hunua, Ohura North, Meringa-Tokirima Boards HRC 00250:1:AM3 1984-1986
Amalgamation - Hunua, Ohura North, Meringa-Tokirima Boards HRC 00250:1:AM4 1987-1988
APDC Correspondence HRC 00250:1:AP5 1974-1977
APDC Correspondence HRC 00250:1:AP6 1978-1980
APDC Correspondence HRC 00250:1:AP7 1981-1982
APDC Correspondence HRC 00250:1:AP8 1983-1984
APDC Correspondence HRC 00250:1:AP9 1983-1986
APDC Correspondence - Inwards HRC 00250:1:AP10 1987-1988
APDC Correspondence - Trainees HRC 00250:1:AP11 1977-1980
Audit HRC 00250:1:AU12 1974-1982
Audit HRC 00250:1:AU13 1985-1986
Bovine TB HRC 00250:1:BO15 1975-1980
Bovine TB HRC 00250:2:BO16 1981-1984
Elections HRC 00250:2:E17 1975-1983
Finance - Budgets, Estimates, Balance Sheets (copies) HRC 00250:2:F18 1976-1989
General Correspondence HRC 00250:2:G19 1968-1979
General Correspondence HRC 00250:2:G20 1980-1984
General Correspondence HRC 00250:2:G21 1985-1985
General Correspondence HRC 00250:2:G22 1986-1987
General Correspondence HRC 00250:3:G24 1988-1988
General Correspondence HRC 00250:3:G25 1989-1989
General Correspondence - Outwards HRC 00250:2:G23 1987-1988
Insurance HRC 00250:3:I26 1974-1986
MAF Correspondence HRC 00250:1:AG1 1974-1976
North Island Pest Destruction Boards' Association HRC 00250:3:N27 1974-1984
Properties (Housing Corp) HRC 00250:3:PR28 1974-1984
Properties - Motor Vehicles, Radio Telephones etc HRC 00250:3:PR29 1976-1989
Purchasing HRC 00250:3:PU30 1974-1984
Ratepayer List showing Classification HRC 00250:3:RA33 1978-1979
Ratepayers Lists and Correspondence HRC 00250:3:RA31 1977-1984
Rates Collection - Swarbrick Dixon HRC 00250:4:RA36/A 1988-1988
Rates Correspondence HRC 00250:3:RA32 1974-1977
Rates Matters HRC 00250:3:RA34 1977-1981
Rates Matters HRC 00250:4:RA35 1982-1985
Rates Matters HRC 00250:4:RA36 1986-1988
Regional Government Boundaries Re-organisation HRC 00250:4:RE37 1975-1983
Regional Pest Authority HRC 00250:4:RE38 1987-1988
Staff Matters HRC 00250:4:ST39 1974-1982
Staff Matters HRC 00250:4:ST40 1984-1988
Staff Matters HRC 00250:4:ST40/A 1978-1981
Statistics HRC 00250:4:S41 1976-1984
Subsidy Claims HRC 00250:4:SU42 1974-1978
Subsidy Claims HRC 00250:4:SU43 1979-1984
Supervisors' Reports HRC 00250:4:SP44 1974-1978
Supervisors' Reports HRC 00250:4:SP45 1979-1981
Supervisors' Reports HRC 00250:4:SP46 1987-1988
Valuation HRC 00250:5:V47 1977-1984
Western Bays Possum Project HRC 00250:5:W49 1975-1975
Western Spread HRC 00250:5:W48 1987-1988