Central North Island Pest Destruction Board Correspondence Files

HRC 00254
Descriptive Note

This series concerns the correspondence files of the Central North Island Pest Destruction Board (CNIPDB) for 1986-1990.

The following sub series has been used in this file system

AA – Annual Accounts

AD – Administration

BO – Bovine TB

C – Correspondence

M – Copies of Minutes

R – Rating Matters

S – Supervisors Reports

T – Transitional

A number follows after the sub series to further indicate the record number (i.e. AA/1).

Records include financial statements from the wards within the CNIPDB, ACC, insurance, ratepayers correspondence, minutes, managers and supervisor reports. Correspondence regarding the transition of the CINPDB into the Manawatu Wanganui Regional Council can also be found in these records. The annual account and Bovine TB records contains dividers separating the information in years or subjects.

The CNIPDB covered a large area, most of which is outside the Manawatu Wanganui Region, so only those files that directly applied to the ward within the region were transferred to the Manawatu Wanganui Regional Council in 1989. The majority of files were transferred to the Waikato Regional Council which took over responsibilities for pest control for the largest part of the former CNIPDB area.

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Records in Central North Island Pest Destruction Board Correspondence Files

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Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
Administration HRC 00254:1:AD2 1989-1990
Administration HRC 00254:1:AD3 1987-1990
Administration HRC 00254:1:AD4 1988-1989
Annual Accounts HRC 00254:1:AA1 1986-1989
Bovine TB HRC 00254:1:BO5 1988-1989
Copies of Minutes HRC 00254:1:M8 1988-1990
Correspondence HRC 00254:1:C6 1988-1989
Correspondence HRC 00254:1:C7 1990-1990
Rating Matters HRC 00254:1:R9 1989-1989
Supervisors' Reports HRC 00254:1:S10 1988-1989
Transitional HRC 00254:1:T11 1989-1989