Eastern Pohangina Rabbit Board Correspondence

HRC 00211
Descriptive Note

This series contains the correspondence for the Eastern Pohangina Rabbit Board from 1923-1963

The following sub series was used by this file system

C- Correspondence

E- Elections – nomination papers and results

I- Rabbit inspectors reports

L- Legal insurance policies

R- Rate payers lists

S- Statistical Returns

M- Plan of works house

F- Financial information

Correspondence records have been organised into various categories including inward / outward, meeting correspondence and then more specific items. Inward / outward correspondence can be found in chronological order. Correspondence to meetings can be found in chronological order of the meeting the correspondence pertained to. Specific records include boundary alterations, application for Rabbiter and rabbit skin sales.

Outward correspondence from 1945-1963 contains an index by name with all letters having a number identifier. Letters are in number order.

Elections contains records of nominations for candidates for the Eastern Pohangina Rabbit Boards Office of Trustee for the years of 1929,1932,1935 including a 1935 letter to the Manawatu Standard advertising the duly nominated trustees for that year.

Inspector’s reports are in reverse chronological from 1924-1962 detailing activities including dates the property was worked on, weather conditions, signs of rabbit infestation and rabbit numbers killed.

Legal Documents include insurance policies dated 1944-1958 and an employment agreement with the Inspector dated 1962.

Rate payers’ lists are held for 1941, 1956, 1959 and 1962. Details include rate payers listed alphabetically by surname, Acreage rateable, capital value and number of votes.

Statistical Returns that were required to be completed for the New Zealand Census and Statistics office. Records cover from 1925-1943 except for 1941 appears to be missing.

Plan of an Eastern Pohangina Rabbit Boards workers dwelling dated 1952

Summaries of expenditure cover the financial years of 1948/49-1956/57, Expenses have been itemised into categories such as salaries, office expenses and advertising. Balance sheets (later titled Statement of Accounts) for the years ended 1924-1963 include figures categorised into receipts, expenditure, statement of balances, statement of assets and liabilities and statement of rates.

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Records in Eastern Pohangina Rabbit Board Correspondence

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Balance Sheets HRC 00211:2:F2 1923-1963
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C1 1930-1942
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C2 1944-1946
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C3 1947-1949
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C4 1950-1953
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C5 1953-1954
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C6 1955-1959
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C7 1959-1962
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C8 1938-1940
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C9 1945-1963
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C10 1946-1949
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C11 1955-1956
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C12 1957-1957
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C13 1958-1959
Correspondence HRC 00211:1:C14 1960-1961
Correspondence HRC 00211:2:C15 1961-1961
Correspondence - Accounts re Rabbit Skin Sales HRC 00211:2:C19 1939-1945
Correspondence - Applications for Rabbit Inspector HRC 00211:2:C18 1958-1960
Correspondence - Boundary Changes HRC 00211:2:C16 1941-1942
Correspondence - Houses - Awahou North HRC 00211:2:C17 1952-1952
Correspondence - Records of Rabbits Destroyed HRC 00211:2:C20 1941-1957
Elections - Nomination Papers and Results HRC 00211:2:E1 1929-1935
Legal - Insurance Policies (1944-1958) and Agreement with Inspector (1962) HRC 00211:2:L1 1944-1962
Plan of Workers House HRC 00211:2:M1 1952-1952
Rabbit Inspectors reports HRC 00211:2:I1 1924-1929
Rabbit Inspectors reports HRC 00211:2:I2 1930-1940
Rabbit Inspectors reports HRC 00211:2:I3 1941-1953
Rabbit Inspectors reports HRC 00211:2:I4 1953-1959
Rabbit Inspectors reports HRC 00211:2:I5 1959-1962
Ratepayers Lists - 1941,1956,1959,1962 only HRC 00211:2:R1 1941-1962
Statistical Returns HRC 00211:2:S1 1925-1943
Summaries of Expenditure HRC 00211:2:F1 1947-1957