Eketahuna Pest Destruction Board Cash Books

HRC 00201
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This series concern the Cash books for the Eketahuna Rabbit Board (after 1968 the Eketahuna Pest Destruct Board) for 1947-1971. Receipts and payments cash books were used by the Board to keep a record of all financial transactions. Record details of the receipts cash book included the date, payer, receipt number, assessment number, rates current, arrears collected and in payments cash book records included date, payee, advertising, dog feed, insurance, poison and phone rent. Bank reconciliations can also be found in the records. Transactions have been listed in date order. There is no index but records appear to be in chronological order. The third book in this series records rates payments for each account, entries are grouped alphabetically, but names are not listed, only valuation reference numbers. The amount owed and paid for each account is also listed.

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Records in Eketahuna Pest Destruction Board Cash Books

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Cash Book - Expenditure HRC 00201:1:2 1946-1961
Cash Book - Rates Receipts HRC 00201:1:3 1970-1971
Cash Book - Receipts HRC 00201:1:1 1947-1960