Eketahuna Rabbit Board Rate Books

HRC 00194
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This series concern the rate books for the Eketahuna Rabbit Board for 1946-1966. A rate was levied per acre under the provisions of the Rating Act 1955 requiring that rate payers pay this each financial year. Details of the rate book records include the number on the valuation roll, occupier details, owner name, legal description, rate calculations and total paid. Rates were levied according to the level of infestation and also recorded using a grading colour system (i.e. red is heaviest, blue is medium and green is light), the heavier the infestation the higher the rate per acre was charged. This system appeared to be in use from 1946 – 1962 although the use of colours as part of the grading system was stopped earlier on. Entries are grouped by financial year and in alphabetical order by surname of occupier. Printed pages with the owner or occupants and description of property have been pasted into the rate books in later volumes.

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Records in Eketahuna Rabbit Board Rate Books

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Rate Book HRC 00194:1:1 1946-1947
Rate Book HRC 00194:1:2 1947-1948
Rate Book HRC 00194:1:3 1948-1949
Rate Book HRC 00194:1:4 1950-1951
Rate Book HRC 00194:1:5 1951-1952
Rate Book HRC 00194:1:6 1952-1953
Rate Book HRC 00194:2:7 1953-1954
Rate Book HRC 00194:2:8 1954-1955
Rate Book HRC 00194:2:9 1955-1956
Rate Book HRC 00194:2:10 1956-1957
Rate Book HRC 00194:2:11 1957-1958
Rate Book HRC 00194:2:12 1958-1959
Rate Book HRC 00194:3:13 1959-1960
Rate Book HRC 00194:3:14 1960-1961
Rate Book HRC 00194:4:15 1961-1962
Rate Book HRC 00194:4:16 1962-1963
Rate Book HRC 00194:5:17 1963-1964
Rate Book HRC 00194:5:18 1964-1965
Rate Book HRC 00194:5:19 1965-1966