Kuku Drainage Board Rate Records

HRC 00079
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This series holds rate books and other rating records of the Kuku Drainage Board. It includes rate books from 1928-1961, a rate arrears book from 1928-1961, a classification list for 1928-1930, Rate Notices for 1957/58 and Valuation Slips for 1961. The records all record the name of the owner or occupier, the legal description of their property, the land area and the level of rates they were charged.

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created by (RiC-R027): Kuku Drainage Board
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Records in Kuku Drainage Board Rate Records

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Kuku Drainage Board Rate Book HRC 00079:0:1 1928-1948
Kuku Drainage Board Rate Book HRC 00079:0:2 1949-1961
Kuku Drainage Board, Arrears of Rates HRC 00079:0:3 1928-1961
Kuku Drainage Board, Classification List HRC 00079:0:4 1928-1930
Kuku Drainage Board, Rate Notices HRC 00079:0:5 1957-1958
Kuku Drainage Board, Valuation Slips HRC 00079:0:6 1961-1961