Manawatu Pest Destruction Board Correspondence Files

HRC 00168
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This series concerns the Correspondence Files for the Manawatu Pest Destruction Board for 1924-1990. An alphanumeric sub series has been used for these records, K – refers to ratepayers, L – Government Departments, M – Sundries, O – Financial operations. The file number consists of the relevant letter followed by a number for each file. All out going mail has used this file code as a reference number and all incoming mail has had the file code written on it. Subjects covered by the files include the Audit Department, Agriculture Department, Noxious weeds, staff records, sundry, supervisors reports, assets and properties. The K and M sub series both have general sundry files as well as more specific subject files. The sundry files are arranged alphabetically by surname, usually with one file for each letter of the alphabet.

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Records in Manawatu Pest Destruction Board Correspondence Files

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Acts and Statutory Regulations HRC 00168:2:L2 1919-1986
Advertisements HRC 00168:4:M1 1962-1989
Agriculture Department HRC 00168:2:L4 1957-1977
Agriculture Department HRC 00168:2:L5 1959-1985
APDC Grants HRC 00168:5:O7 1981-1986
Assets HRC 00168:6:O12 1974-1980
Audit Department HRC 00168:2:L3 1961-1988
Balance Sheets HRC 00168:5:O2 Pt 1 1957-1983
Balance Sheets HRC 00168:5:O2 Pt 2 1983-1989
Bank of New Zealand HRC 00168:4:M3 1967-1985
Classifications HRC 00168:4:M5 1963-1963
Correspondence ex Supervisors Office HRC 00168:6:O25 1978-1987
Crown Lands and Housing HRC 00168:2:L6 1951-1981
Electoral HRC 00168:5:O4 Pt 1 1959-1972
Electoral HRC 00168:5:O4 Pt 2 1974-1987
Estimates/Budgets HRC 00168:5:O5 1980-1987
Grants in Lieu of Rates HRC 00168:5:O6 1962-1988
Health Department HRC 00168:3:L10 1962-1983
Horowhenua County HRC 00168:2:L8 1962-1987
Hutt County HRC 00168:2:L9 1963-1982
Insurances HRC 00168:5:O9 1962-1972
Investments and Insurance HRC 00168:5:O8 1964-1989
Kairanga County HRC 00168:3:L11 1963-1969
Lands and Survey HRC 00168:2:K28 1962-1985
Loans Board HRC 00168:3:L13 1974-1977
Manawatu County HRC 00168:3:L14 1965-1986
Motor Vehicles HRC 00168:3:L15 1962-1980
Motor Vehicles HRC 00168:6:O11 1977-1990
North Island Association HRC 00168:3:L17 1973-1987
Noxious Weeds HRC 00168:3:L16 1979-1979
Pest Destruction Council HRC 00168:3:L18 Pt 2 1973-1979
Pest Destruction Council HRC 00168:3:L18 Pt 3 1976-1989
Pest Destruction Council HRC 00168:3:L18 Pt 4 1982-1986
Pest Destruction Council HRC 00168:3:L18 Pt 5 1969-1989
Properties HRC 00168:6:O15 Pt 1 1964-1975
Properties HRC 00168:6:O15 Pt 2 1963-1972
Publicity (Contains History of Manawatu Rabbit Board circa 1947) HRC 00168:4:M19 1962-1987
Rabbit Board Supply Committee HRC 00168:5:M38 1963-1966
Rabbit Destruction Council HRC 00168:3:L18 Pt 1 1957-1972
Ratepayers Correspondence A HRC 00168:1:K1 1962-1989
Ratepayers Correspondence B HRC 00168:1:K2 1961-1981
Ratepayers Correspondence C HRC 00168:1:K3 1961-1978
Ratepayers Correspondence D HRC 00168:1:K4 1958-1988
Ratepayers Correspondence E HRC 00168:1:K5 1956-1982
Ratepayers Correspondence F HRC 00168:1:K6 1962-1975
Ratepayers Correspondence G HRC 00168:1:K7 1962-1979
Ratepayers Correspondence H HRC 00168:1:K8 1960-1981
Ratepayers Correspondence I HRC 00168:1:K9 1966-1966
Ratepayers Correspondence J HRC 00168:1:K10 1960-1975
Ratepayers Correspondence K HRC 00168:1:K11 1962-1976