Manawatu Rabbit Board Valuation Book

HRC 00170
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This series concerns the Valuation Roll for the Manawatu Rabbit Board for 1923-1954. Under the Valuation of Land Act 1925 names were recorded onto the roll for the purpose of recording the described land and their valuations. Details of owner, occupier, land description, area, capital value, unimproved value and value of improvements have been recorded on valuation slips and pasted into the book. The valuation slips appear to be in valuation number order and have been date stamped with date the valuation takes effect. Earlier valuation slips for the same property can also be found underneath the more recent valuation slips but have been pasted over top in a way that makes it hard to read the previous slips. An early used ratepayer’s book has been used. The valuation slips that have been pasted into this book have made the original information unreadable. Earlier valuations can also be found towards the back of the book.

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Valuation Roll HRC 00170:1:1 1929-1954