Oroua Drainage Board Files

HRC 00114
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This series contains the correspondence records of the Oroua Drainage Board. The series has a number of general correspondence files covering certain time periods from 1945-1990, these hold agendas, adverts and circulars and then correspondence organised alphabetically by surname. In addition to those general files are a number of more specific subject files covering proposed amalgamations, balance sheets, drains, maps and plans. Included in these files are a handful of records predating 1945.

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created by (RiC-R027): Oroua Drainage Board
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Records in Oroua Drainage Board Files

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Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
Agendas, Financial Matters - Rating Matters HRC 00114:4:18 1985-1990
Amalgamation Proposals HRC 00114:3:15 1942-1984
Audited Balance Sheets HRC 00114:4:17 Pt 1 1909-1982
Audited Balance Sheets & Working Papers HRC 00114:4:17 Pt 2 1982-1990
Electoral HRC 00114:3:11 1983-1986
General Correspondence: Adverts and Alphabetical Correspondence A-W HRC 00114:2:6 1961-1968
General Correspondence: Agendas, Alphabetical Correspondence A-W HRC 00114:2:7 1968-1974
General Correspondence: Alphabetical Correspondence A - L HRC 00114:4:20 1980-1990
General Correspondence: Alphabetical Correspondence A-W HRC 00114:2:8 1973-1980
General Correspondence: Alphabetical Correspondence Mc-N HRC 00114:4:21 1980-1990
General Correspondence: Alphabetical Correspondence P - Z HRC 00114:4:22 1980-1990
General Correspondence: Balance Sheets, Nominiation Papers, Adverts, Agenda, Financial Statements, Alphabetical Correspondence A-S HRC 00114:1:3 1949-1952
General Correspondence: Circulars, Agendas and Alphabetical Correspondence A-W HRC 00114:2:5 1956-1961
General Correspondence: Circulars, Agendas, Advertisements and A-Y correspondence HRC 00114:1:1 1945-1947
General Correspondence: Nominiation Papers, Balance Sheets, Adverts, Circulars, Agenda, Financial Statements, Alphabetical Correspondence A-W HRC 00114:1:2 1947-1949
General Correspondence: Smiths Drain Improvements, Agendas, Adverts, Circulars and Alphabetical Correspondence A-W HRC 00114:1:4 1952-1956
Main Drain - Correspondence HRC 00114:3:14 1950-1959
Main Drain - Sluggish River Drainage Board HRC 00114:3:13 1939-1953
Maps/Plans & Valuation Matters (Various Dates) HRC 00114:3:16 1917-1989
Milners Line Drain Matters HRC 00114:3:12 1946-1978
Miscellaneous Correspondence HRC 00114:3:9 1980-1985
Miscellaneous Correspondence HRC 00114:3:10 1979-1990
Rates Correspondence & Working Papers HRC 00114:4:19 1985-1990