Patea Waitotara Pest Destruction Board Minute Books

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This series contains the minute books of the Patea Waitotara Rabbit Board (after 1968 the Patea Waitotara Pest Destruction Board). The first meeting of the trustees was held at Farmers’ Union Board Room, Ridgway Street, Wanganui on the 12th March 1924. Minute Books were kept as a record of the all Board decisions, discussions and actions during this time. Items recorded in the minutes included the reading of inward and outward correspondence, passing of accounts for payment, financial statements, supervisors reports, ammunition and rabbit eradication. There is no index and entries are in chronological order. The minutes have been typed and pasted into these books. In the earliest minute book there are gazette extracts including the 31st May 1923 Constituting the Patea Waitotara Rabbit District Notice and 13 March 1924 Duly elected trustees notice.

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