Rangitoto Pest Destruction Board Cash Books

HRC 00173
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This series concerns the cash book for the Rangitoto Rabbit Board (after 1968 the Rangitoto Pest Destruction Board) for 1943-1973. Cash books were used by the Board to record all financial transactions including receipts and expenditure. Cash books were required to be maintained and were subject to assessment by the government audit inspector. Record details included the date and particulars, categories within receipts and expenditure to further itemise the transaction type (i.e. rates, poisons, salaries and insurance). Entries are date order of the transaction. From April 1958 the receipts particulars are listed as a receipt range (i.e. 171-173). Wage details for staff from 1958-1970 can be found on Pages 137 to 141 and 145 to 151, details include staff name, date, gross and PAYE. There is also financial information regarding a Land Rover truck from 1958-1964 on pages 143 to 144, details include date, galls, petrol/oil, repairs/tyres, insurance/registration, depreciation, total and mileage.

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