Rangitoto Pest Destruction Board Correspondence Files

HRC 00242
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This series concerns the correspondence files for the Rangitoto Rabbit Board (after 1968 the Rangitoto Pest Destruction Board) for 1946-1974. Correspondence records were kept by the Board as a record of its daily business, activities and communication with ratepayers and other government organisations. Included are property/accommodation records around the properties and tenancy of housing in Johnson Street, Bulls. Time/diary sheets which include the date, Name of property, owner, description of work carried out, hours worked, time on property, rabbits killed and mileage. Audited Statement of accounts of the Rangitoto Rabbit Board can be found for 1946-1974.

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Records in Rangitoto Pest Destruction Board Correspondence Files

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Audited Balance Sheets HRC 00242:1:4 1946-1974
Property/Accommodation HRC 00242:1:1 1959-1974
Rabbiters' Reports HRC 00242:1:2 1969-1974
Time/Diary Sheets HRC 00242:1:3 1973-1974