Rangitoto Pest Destruction Board Rate Books

HRC 00174
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This series concerns the rate books for the Rangitoto Rabbit Board (after 1968 the Rangitoto Pest Destruction Board) for 1923-1974. A general rate was levied by the Board under the provisions of the Rating Act 1908 (later the Rating Act 1925) and the Rabbit Nuisance Act 1908 (later the Rabbits Act 1928 and 1955). The Rate book was a record of the rate payments for each financial year. Record details included number on valuation roll, occupier details, description and situation of property, rateable value, rates, by whom, when and amount paid. Entries appear to be in alphabetical order by surname of occupier. Additions or amendments can be found in the lists as well as at the end of each list.

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Rate Book HRC 00174:1:2 1937-1960
Rate Book HRC 00174:2:3 1961-1974
Rate Book HRC 00174:1:1 1923-1937