Western Pest Destruction Board Correspondence Files

HRC 00155
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This series concerns the correspondence of the Western Pest Destruction Board. The Board was created in 1974 from the amalgamation of the Wanganui, Hunterville and Patea Waitotara Boards. There is a small amount of correspondence prior to 1974 in this series which relates to these earlier Boards. Correspondence files were used to keep a record of the Boards business and activities. A comprehensive sub series has been used by this file system, records are in alphabetical order by subject then a number has been used to describe multiple subjects within that letter then a third number has been used to represent a volume number if required (i.e. A5/1 APDC Correspondence – this is this the first volume of the fifth ‘A’ subject file). Records include financials, estimates, ratepayers correspondence, staff, local government reform, trials and reports.

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Records in Western Pest Destruction Board Correspondence Files

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Name Sort descending Identifier Dates
Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) HRC 00155:1:A2 1982-1987
Accounts - End of Year HRC 00155:1:A3 1978-1988
Advertisements HRC 00155:1:A1 1974-1988
Agriculture Department HRC 00155:1:A4 1975-1982
APDC Correspondence HRC 00155:1:A5 Pt 2 1981-1984
APDC Correspondence HRC 00155:1:A5 Pt 3 1984-1988
APDC Correspondence HRC 00155:1:A5 Pt 4 1981-1988
APDC Correspondence HRC 00155:1:A5 Pt 1 1978-1980
Audit Department HRC 00155:1:A6 Pt 1 1982-1988
Audit Department - Statement of Accounts HRC 00155:1:A6 Pt 2 1930-1989
Bank of New Zealand HRC 00155:1:B1 1978-1988
Board Membership HRC 00155:1:B2 1978-1989
Correspondence HRC 00155:5:X3 1965-1971
Correspondence HRC 00155:5:X4 1973-1976
Correspondence HRC 00155:1:C1 1978-1989
Correspondence HRC 00155:5:X5 1977-1979
Correspondence HRC 00155:5:X6 1980-1985
Correspondence HRC 00155:5:X7 1986-1987
Correspondence HRC 00155:5:X8 1988-1988
Correspondence HRC 00155:5:X9 1989-1989
Counties HRC 00155:1:C2 1984-1988
Crown Accounts HRC 00155:1:C3 1978-1983
Crown Work HRC 00155:1:C4 1973-1989
Elections HRC 00155:1:E1 1962-1986
Estimates HRC 00155:1:E2 Pt 1 1954-1965
Estimates HRC 00155:1:E2 Pt 2 1979-1985
Estimates HRC 00155:2:E2 Pt 3 1982-1990
Estimates HRC 00155:2:E2 Pt 4 1986-1989
Estimates HRC 00155:2:E2 Pt 5 1988-1989
Financial HRC 00155:2:F1 Pt 1 1979-1986
Financial HRC 00155:2:F1 Pt 2 1987-1988
Forestry - Forestry Service HRC 00155:2:F2 Pt 2 1978-1984
Forestry - Winstone HRC 00155:2:F2 Pt 1 1977-1984
Group Pest Destruction Boards HRC 00155:2:G 1984-1987
Insurance HRC 00155:2:I Pt 1 1978-1983
Insurance HRC 00155:2:I Pt 2 1980-1988
Kaiwhaiki TB HRC 00155:5:X2 1988-1989
Local Bodies HRC 00155:2:L 1978-1984
National Provident Fund HRC 00155:2:N1 1983-1989
North Island Association HRC 00155:2:N2 1985-1987
NZ Forest Service HRC 00155:5:X1 1976-1982
Plant Disposals HRC 00155:2:P1 1977-1984
Policy HRC 00155:2:P2 1985-1989
Possum - Bovine TB HRC 00155:2:P3 1988-1989
Property HRC 00155:3:P4/4 1968-1970
Property HRC 00155:3:P4/5 1965-1986
Property - Buildings and Land HRC 00155:2:P4/1 1973-1987
Property - Copies of Certificates of Title HRC 00155:3:P4/7 1974-1974
Property - Housing HRC 00155:3:P4/2 1988-1988
Property - Housing Loan HRC 00155:3:P4/3 1967-1971