Western Pest Destruction Board Miscellaneous Records

HRC 00158
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This series concerns the miscellaneous records for the Western Pest Destruction Board for 1964-1990. These records consist of a variety of record types including a ratepayers list for 1974 giving details of name, address details, acres and class code. An undated electoral roll in surname order also detailing address and number of votes. Private operator notifications of poisoning books for 1978-1987, attached in the books are letters stating intentions to lay poison on properties. The letters detailing the area poison is to be laid, name and date. Monthly reports 1979-1981. Field operators reports for the month from 1985-1989 detailing date ,hours worked, method, occupier, location, name of block, numbers destroyed and remarks. Scrap books of newspaper clippings from various newspapers such as the Wanganui Chronicle, New Zealand Times and the Dominion from 1964-1990. Articles such as rabbit recipes, opossum eradication, rabbit farming, 1080 poisoning and the Pest Boards. Supervisor reports from 1974-1989, these detail the methods and the work plan for the following month.

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Records in Western Pest Destruction Board Miscellaneous Records

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Newspaper Clippings Scrapbooks - Two - in bad repair HRC 00158:5:7 1964-1990
Private Operator Notifications of Poisoning and Monthly Reports HRC 00158:1:2 1977-1988
Ratepayers List and Undated Electoral Roll HRC 00158:1:1 1974-1974
Rates Assessment Number Index HRC 00158:5:8 1985-1985
Supervisors Reports HRC 00158:2:4 1974-1981
Supervisors Diaries and Workbooks HRC 00158:1:3 1985-1989
Supervisors Reports HRC 00158:3:5 1982-1989
Supervisors' Reports and Job Sheets HRC 00158:4:6 1964-1981