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The Horizons Regional Council was formed in 1989 from an amalgamation of Catchment Boards, Drainage Boards, Pest Destruction Boards, Noxious Plant Authorities and United Councils in the Manawatū-Whanganui Region. The Horizons Collection contains the records of these numerous predecessor organisations and earlier ones such as Rabbit Boards and River Boards that operated within the current regional boundaries from 1887-1989.

The types of records found in the Horizons archives include:

  • Accounts and financial records;
  • Aerial photographs of the entire Manawatū-Whanganui region;
  • Correspondence files;
  • Electoral rolls;
  • Hydrological data;
  • Letter books;
  • Maps and plans;
  • Minute books and other meeting papers;
  • Project photograph albums;
  • Rate books and valuation rolls


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Title Sort descending Identifier (RiC-A22) Dates
Manawatu Catchment Board Farm Plan Files HRC 00025 1947-1992
Manawatu Catchment Board Files HRC 00024 1927-1990
Manawatu Catchment Board Ledgers HRC 00012 1945-1951
Manawatu Catchment Board Minute Books HRC 00001 1943-1989
Manawatu Catchment Board Newspaper Cuttings HRC 00004 1945-1990
Manawatu Catchment Board Personnel Files HRC 00026 1946-1989
Manawatu Catchment Board Rate Books (1st series) HRC 00013 1951-1956
Manawatu Catchment Board Rate Books (2nd series) HRC 00263 1975-1989
Manawatu Catchment Board Social Club Minute Book HRC 00008 1958-1968
Manawatu Catchment Board Soil Conservation Files HRC 00022 1944-1960
Manawatu Catchment Board Staff Personal Reports HRC 00018 1979-1985
Manawatu Catchment Board Staff Salaries Books HRC 00015 1947-1977
Manawatu Catchment Board Staff Salary records HRC 00016 1974-1978
Manawatu Catchment Board Staff Wage records for Temps, Labourers, Chainmen and Drivers HRC 00017 1976-1983
Manawatu Catchment Board Subsidy files HRC 00020 1947-1971
Manawatu Catchment Board User System Guides and Contracts HRC 00448 1973-1991
Manawatu Catchment Board Valuation Forms of Board Property HRC 00014 1976-1987
Manawatu District Noxious Plants Authority Minute Book HRC 00121 1979-1988
Manawatu Drainage Board Cash Books HRC 00083 1962-1990
Manawatu Drainage Board Correspondence files HRC 00088 1908-1990
Manawatu Drainage Board Correspondence files from Kairanga Depot HRC 00090 1923-1972
Manawatu Drainage Board Deeds HRC 00089 1896-1989
Manawatu Drainage Board Journals HRC 00084 1925-1981
Manawatu Drainage Board Minute Books HRC 00082 1917-1989
Manawatu Drainage Board Rate Books HRC 00091 1981-1989
Manawatu Drainage Board Wages Book HRC 00087 1958-1979
Manawatu Land Drainage Board Letter Books HRC 00104 1894-1918
Manawatu Land Drainage Board Minute Books HRC 00101 1894-1917
Manawatu Land Drainage Board Rate Book HRC 00102 1894-1895
Manawatu Land Drainage Board Rate Receipt Book HRC 00085 1900-1900
Manawatu Land Drainage Board Valuation Roll HRC 00086 1895-1895
Manawatu Land Drainage Board Valuation Rolls HRC 00103 1909-1913
Manawatu Oroua River Board Cash Books HRC 00125 1923-1953
Manawatu Oroua River Board Classification HRC 00126 1920-1931
Manawatu Oroua River Board Committee Records HRC 00175 1919-1922
Manawatu Oroua River Board Contracts Register HRC 00127 1941-1953
Manawatu Oroua River Board Correspondence Files HRC 00131 1920-1953
Manawatu Oroua River Board Deeds HRC 00122 1930-1953
Manawatu Oroua River Board Financial working papers HRC 00123 1929-1950
Manawatu Oroua River Board Journal HRC 00128 1924-1949
Manawatu Oroua River Board Ledger HRC 00129 1923-1949
Manawatu Oroua River Board Minute Books HRC 00124 1922-1953
Manawatu Oroua River Board Rate Books HRC 00130 1924-1953
Manawatu Pest Destruction Board Cash Book HRC 00166 1981-1989
Manawatu Pest Destruction Board Correspondence Files HRC 00168 1919-1989
Manawatu Pest Destruction Board Minute Books HRC 00171 1924-1989
Manawatu Pest Destruction Board Ratepayers List HRC 00167 1973-1973
Manawatu Rabbit Board Valuation Book HRC 00170 1929-1954
Manawatu Regional Water Board Minute Books HRC 00043 1968-1977
Manawatu United Council Correspondence Card Indexes HRC 00260 1981-1989