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1 1 Horizons Region Boundary Map Shows boundaries of all councils within the Horizon region ~1995   Map/plan
1 2 Horizons regional Council Information Sheets - Activities Sheets detailing the primary activities of the Manawatū-Whanganui (Horizons) Regional Council. Includes the following information sheets:

- This Is What We Do
- Hydrology
- Water Quality in the Manawatu Catchment
- How To Apply For a Land Use Consent: To Disturb the Bed of, or Erect, Alter or Remove a Structure In Any Lake or River
- How To Apply For a Land Use Consent: To Log or Clear Land, Or Put In Tracking
- How To Apply For a Discharge Permit: To Discharge Contaminants Into Air
- How To Apply For a Discharge Permit: To Discharge Contaminants To Water or Land
- How To Apply For a Coastal Permit
- How To Apply For a Water Permit
- Caring For Your Septic Tank
- The Lower Manawatu Scheme
- The Moutoa Floodgates
- The Manawatu-Wanganui Coastline
- Coastal Management
1994   Document
1 3 Horizons regional Council Information Sheets - Environmental and Pest Control Sheets detailing pest and environment controls undertaken by the Manawatū-Whanganui (Horizons) Regional Council. Includes the following information sheets:

- Possums & "Timms" Kill Trap for Possums
- Rooks
- Rabbits, Rabbit Control in Urban Areas & Rabbit Control for Small Landowners
- Dairy Shed Effluent
- Water Pollution
- Ragwort
- How to Control Old Man's Beard
- Poplars And Willows & Planting Willow and Poplar Poles
1994   Document
1 4 Daily Flows in the Wanganui River Book of tables showing daily flows, weekly mean flows and the 7-day minimum flow in each season. Data covers the year July 1957 to June 1988 from multiple sites. 1988 1989 Bound Volume
1 5 Soil Erosion in New Zealand - Part 1 & Erosion Maps From the Soil Bureau Bulletin No 1 (Department of Scientific & Industrial Research - DSIR). Part I covers southern half of North island. Includes 6 coloured maps of soil erosion across the Lower North Island. 1945~ 1955 Bound Volume|Map/plan
1 6 Land Use Capability Survey Handbook: A New Zealand Handbook for the Classification of Land Produced for the Soil Conservation and Rivers Control Council. Issued by Water and Soil Division, Ministry of Works New Zealand 1945~ 1950~ Bound Volume
1 7 Maps, Land Inventory Survey - County Series (Woodville County) Series of coloured maps held in a rigid box detailing the resources of the Woodville Region, 1st Edition. Published by the department of Lands and Survey. Maps include:

- Land Inventory Survey - Woodville County
- Land Cover (NZMS 237/1)
- Geological Resources (NZMS 237/2)
- Soils (NZMS 237/3)
- Potential Pastoral Use of Soils (NZMS 237/4)
- Land Tenure (NZMS 237/6)
- Land Use (NZMS 237/7)
1974   Map/plan
1 8 Various CD-ROMs - Rivers, Flooding, One Plan Individual CD-ROMs with the following files:

- Photographs of Flooding: 19th February 2004
- Makerua-Moutoa-Koputoroa stream data (.DXF)
- Envision/2004 Flood/H7A Photos/Video
- Aerial Photographs: Makakahi River - 10/07/2001
- Whakarongo Flood Maps
- One Plan Decision: Media Summary
- HRC One Plan: Master CD
- Draft One Plan: Electronic Version (November 2006)
- Decisions Sought by Submission and Further Submissions
- Proposed One Plan
- Decisions On The Proposed One Plan
- Proposed One Plan: Supplementary Officers' Report, Water Hearing
- Proposed One Plan: Submissions & Summary of Decisions Requested
- Proposed One Plan - Officers' Reports - Water Hearing
2004~ 2006-11 CD-ROM
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