HAIL Site Files - 2nd Sequence

HRC 00505
Descriptive Note

Records primarily contain reports on site contamination in order to assess whether the site required cleaning and being added to a site register. Examples of contamination include underground storage tanks (USTs), discharges to land and waterways, and ex-industrial sites re-zoned by council.

Certain files contain extensive histories of the specific site outside of the contamination scope and are valuable historical records.

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created by (RiC-R027): Horizons Regional Council
managed by (RiC-R038i): Horizons Regional Council
Contributor (ctb): Horowhenua District Council
Contributor (ctb): Tararua District Council
Contributor (ctb): Rangitikei District Council
Contributor (ctb): Whanganui District Council
Contributor (ctb): Ruapehu District Council
By alphanumeric classification. This series of records was originally created with the prefix EM, then changed to the prefix ERM at later date. The first sequence are contained within HRC 00504 - HAIL Site Files - 1st Sequence. The files have been ordered accordingly, as the original order upon transfer was upset.

The prefix is followed by a number representing a region within the Manawatū-Whanganui Region (index below):

01 - Horowhenua District
02 - Manawatū District
03 - Palmerston North City
04 - Tararua District
05 - Rangitīkei District
06 - Whanganui City
07 - Ruapehu District

The last alpha character is contiguous in the order of record creation (A to Z, then AA to AB, then BA to BZ, etc.).
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Records in HAIL Site Files - 2nd Sequence

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HAIL Site File - 1 Ohorere Street, Owhango HRC 00505:5:ERM-05-07-CD 2005-11-30-2015-08-17
HAIL Site File - 101 Papaiti Road, Whanganui HRC 00505:4:ERM-05-06-AO 2015-01-11-2015-09-01
HAIL Site File - 103-105 Denton Road, Levin HRC 00505:1:ERM-05-01-AT 2012-06-13-2012-07-02
HAIL Site File - 107 Hakiaha Street, Taumarunui HRC 00505:6:ERM-05-07-DQ 2016-08-23
HAIL Site File - 12-14 Fairway Grove, Palmerston North HRC 00505:3:ERM-05-03-BK 2007-03-07-2010-08-13
HAIL Site File - 172 Kahuterawa Road, Palmerston North HRC 00505:3:ERM-05-03-CB 2011-02-21-2011-03-04
HAIL Site File - 18 Maire Street, Palmerston North HRC 00505:3:ERM-05-03-BR 2007-11-14-2008-09-11
HAIL Site File - 2 Pehi Street Whanganui HRC 00505:8:ERM-05-06-AU-BA 2008-07-01
HAIL Site File - 211 Koputaroa Road Cleanfill, Koputaroa HRC 00505:1:ERM-05-01-AG 2009-01-14-2009-10-23
HAIL Site File - 24 Rawiti Street, Dannevirke HRC 00505:3:ERM-05-04-AI 2008-06-17
HAIL Site File - 24 Simmons Road, Taumarunui HRC 00505:5:ERM-05-07-CL 2009-07-16-2011-05-04
HAIL Site File - 3 Chamberlain Street, Feilding HRC 00505:2:ERM-05-02-AJ 2009-09-04
HAIL Site File - 30 Old Station Road, Ohakune HRC 00505:5:ERM-05-07-CQ 1999-07-01
HAIL Site File - 309-311 Colyton Road, Colyton HRC 00505:2:ERM-05-02-AW 2015-07-27
HAIL Site File - 32 Ferndale Place, Feilding HRC 00505:2:ERM-05-02-AP 2010-12-13
HAIL Site File - 324 Te Matai Road - Whakarongo HRC 00505:7:ERM-05-03-CL 2011-09-01
HAIL Site File - 336A Tremaine Avenue, Palmerston North HRC 00505:3:ERM-05-03-BV 2008-11-18-2010-08-02
HAIL Site File - 36B Fitzroy Street, Palmerston North HRC 00505:3:ERM-05-03-BU 2008-05-21
HAIL Site File - 39 Peppertree Glade, Palmerston North HRC 00505:3:ERM-05-03-BY 2010-09-02
HAIL Site File - 396 Taupo Road, Taumarunui HRC 00505:5:ERM-05-07-CM 2011-10-18-2012-04-13
HAIL Site File - 56 Totara Street, Manunui HRC 00505:6:ERM-05-07-DF 2015-06-23
HAIL Site File - 587 Waitarere Beach Road, Waitarere Beach HRC 00505:1:ERM-05-01-CX 2012-03-31-2013-12-06
HAIL Site File - 779 Fitzherbert East Road, Palmerston North HRC 00505:3:ERM-05-03-CC 2011-03-31-2012-03-16
HAIL Site File - 77904 State Highway 2, Tahoraiti HRC 00505:3:ERM-05-04-AM 2015-01-16-2015-09-02
HAIL Site File - 8 Ouse Street, Rongotea HRC 00505:2:ERM-05-02-AL 2009-04-07
HAIL Site File - 83-93 Tiro Tiro Road Landfill, Levin HRC 00505:1:ERM-05-01-Z 2009-10-06-2012-06-20
HAIL Site File - 87 Campbell Road, Whanganui HRC 00505:4:ERM-05-06-AN 2014-12-10-2015-09-02
HAIL Site File - 9 Reu Street, Taumarunui HRC 00505:5:ERM-05-07-CF 2007-07-25-2015-08-17
HAIL Site File - 91 Hoggs Road, Manakau HRC 00505:1:ERM-05-01-DD 2015-07-08
HAIL Site File - A M Dykstra, 126 State Highway 1, Foxton HRC 00505:1:ERM-05-01-CG 2016-11-02
HAIL Site File - Airport Landfill, Airport Road, Whanganui HRC 00505:4:ERM-05-06-W 2010-04-30
HAIL Site File - Anga Street asbestos removal - Tangimoana HRC 00505:8:ERM-05-07-DU 2018-08-01
HAIL Site File - Apiti Rubbish Tip [Nix Road Landfill] HRC 00505:7:ERM-05-02-Y 1983-12-01
HAIL Site File - ATS Timber, Main Road South, Levin HRC 00505:1:ERM-05-01-N 2002-11-14
HAIL Site File - Blacks Orchids Limited, 20 Fairfield Road, Levin HRC 00505:1:ERM-05-01-BF 2015-10-01-2016-09-26
HAIL Site File - Bonny Glen Landfill, 818 Wanganui Road, Marton HRC 00505:4:ERM-05-05-AH 2011-09-02-2012-05-22
HAIL Site File - Bowyer Motors Service Station - 167 Hakiaha Street Taumarunui HRC 00505:8:ERM-05-07-DW 2010-07-01
HAIL Site File - BP Carlton, 2 Fitzherbert Avenue, Whanganui HRC 00505:4:ERM-05-06-AM 2010-02-23-2015-03-18
HAIL Site File - BP Connect - Fitzherbert Avenue Palmerston North HRC 00505:7:ERM-05-03-CK 2012-10-01
HAIL Site File - BP Double 5 Motors HRC 00505:8:ERM-05-06-AQ 2012-05-01
HAIL Site File - BP Foxton, 36 Johnston Street, Foxton HRC 00505:1:ERM-05-01-CZ 2012-10-02
HAIL Site File - BP Metro, 415 Ferguson Street, Palmerston North HRC 00505:3:ERM-05-03-BZ 2010-05-18-2011-02-22
HAIL Site File - BP Ohakune - 74 Clyde Street HRC 00505:8:ERM-05-07-DV 2012-05-01
HAIL Site File - BP Taumarunui, 4 Hakiaha Street, Taumarunui HRC 00505:5:ERM-05-07-CI 2008-11-14-2009-03-24
HAIL Site File - BP Taupo Quay - 75 Taupo Quay Whanganui HRC 00505:8:ERM-05-06-AS 2012-06-01
HAIL Site File - BP Truckstop, Tremaine Avenue, Palmerston North HRC 00505:3:ERM-05-03-H 2014-04-01-2014-05-22
HAIL Site File - Britton Housemovers - 21 Taylor Road Whanganui HRC 00505:8:ERM-05-06-AT 2012-01-01
HAIL Site File - Brunswick Road Substation - Whanganui HRC 00505:8:ERM-05-06-AP
HAIL Site File - Bullock Group Concrete Yard - Taupo Quay Whanganui HRC 00505:8:ERM-05-06-AW
HAIL Site File - Bunnythorpe Substation, Redmayne Street Bunnythorpe HRC 00505:7:ERM-05-02-CE