Maps of Counties and misc items

Creating Agency
created by (RiC-R027): Horowhenua District Council
Has beginning date
1970 (year approximate)
Has end date
Descriptive Note

This is an unprocessed accession, some inaccuracies may exist and the quality of the listings are variable.

The items here were all donated by a former Councillor of the Horowhenua County and District Council. The maps and plans were originally sourced from the Valuation Department. The County maps show the riding boundaries circa 1970.

Box Item Title
  Roll 1 Map of Kaitawa / Parapaumu
  Roll 2 Map of Kairanga County Boundary
  Roll 3 Map of Pohangina County Boundary
  Roll 4 Map of Horowhenua County Boundary
  Roll 5 LMS Classification Maps, 14760 -1, 14760-2
  Roll 6 Map of Kiwitea County Boundary
  Roll 7 Map of counties stretching from Horowhenua to Rangitikei and across to Tararua
  Roll 8 Map of Oroua County Boundary
  Roll 9 Map of Central to Lower North Island
  Roll 10  Map of Manawatu County Boundary
  Roll 11 Map of Ridings within Palmerston North Boundary, Mangaone 14410, Central 14420, Taonui 14430, Fitzherbert East 14450, Fitzherbert West 14440
  Roll 12 Map of Manawatu County including ridings
  Roll 13 Map of Kiwitea County Boundary
  Roll 14 Map of area from Manawatu to Waimarino, includes Rangitikei
1 MP2 Manawatu Dsitrct Council Annual Plan 1993-1994
1 MP3 Horowhenua District Council Draft Annual Plan 2000/2001
1 MP4 Horowhenua District Council Draft Annual Plan 2001/2002
1 MP5 Manawatu Catchment Board and Regional Water Board - Lower Manawatu Scheme Review 1950-1982 and proposed works 1983-1988 Report no. 50