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Index for items 1-863 on pages 352-522 of Volume 12 and pages 1-77 of Volume 13.

This contains the following cards (the Notes record any specific issues recorded, but don't always reflect the full contents of the card):

Card Title Notes
Accounts Schedule; Other authorities; Annual; Bergin and Cleary; Investment; General; Schedule (continued); Petrol
Anti Litter Campaign  
Anzac Day Revue  
Apprenticeship Award J Soong
Audit Office Report
Baden-Powell Hall Fence
Balance Sheets Other authorities; 31 March 1965; Adoption
Beach Road Manawatu County Council
Big Tex Restaurant  
Blood Donors  
Booklets Manawatu-Palmerston North expands
Borough Foreman's Report Residence; Resignation
Broadcasting Advertising rates
Building Inspector Reports
Buildings Primary School; Perreau
Bus Accident  
Bylaws Rag and clothing; Anti-litter
Care of the Aged  
Cars Commented; Abandoned
Cemetery Servicemen's; Manawatu County; Wall; Late Norman Hughes; Trees and Shrubs; Donation; Lawn Cemetery charges; Fence; Gates; Vandalism
Cemetery Lawn  
Chemical Works Registration  
Children's Playground  
Churches Presbyterian property; Anglican
Churchill Sir Winston  
Cinema Notice Board  
Circus and Zoo  
Civil Defence Messages; Councillors conference
Clay Pipes  
Committees Works
Conveniences Mens toilet; Children's playground
Councillors Leave of absence; Election; Social gathering; Illness - W C McMillan
Country Library Service  
Cycle Race  
Dangerous Goods Inspections  
Demolition Speers
District Roads Council  
Dogs Dog Ranger's report; Booklet; Hydatids shed for pound; Fees; Hydatids Committee; Reports (continued); Dog Ranger's reports (continued)
Electoral Roll  
Expenditure Authority  
Fencing Reeve Street
Files Foxton and Manawatu Herald
Financial Statement Transfer of funds; Authorisation signing cheques
Fire Brigade United Fire District; Foxton Fire Board; Fire hazards; Fire Board levy; Precautions; Hydrants; Foxton Fire Board; Fire Service Council
Flax Mills  
Footpaths Crossing: Herrington Street
Foxton Foxton Transport; Foxton Swimming Club; Foxton Cricket Club; Foxton Rotary Club; Foxton School; Foxton Hotel; Foxton Chamber of Commerce; Foxton Racing Club; Foxton Plunket Society; Foxton Silver Band; Foxton Tennis Club; Foxton Golf Club; Foxton Jaycee (Inc); Foxton Bowling Club; Foxton Sunshine Club; Foxton Primary School; Foxton Football Club; Foxton Beach Improvement Society; Foxton Chamber of Commerce; Foxton Fire Brigade; Foxton Amateur Road Cycling Club
Gala Societies  
Health Health Inspector's report; Hotels; Inspector
Home and Family Week Meeting
Hongi's Track  
Horowhenua Football Club  
Horses Grass verges; Wandering
Hydatids Committee; Dosing strip; Dogs; National Council
Inspection of Dwelling  
K C Motors Petrol pump
Land Land purchase Lot 4 DP 14725 Main Street; River foreshore; Purchase estate M F Robinson Lady's Mile
Librarian's Report Lost books; Presentation of book; Reports
Licences Omnibus
Lions Club Book drive
Loans Water treatment; Sewerage treatment; Sewerage treatment; Waterworks
Machinery Council
Manawatu Catchment Board  
Manawatu Manawatu River - loop; Manawatu Catchment Board; Manawatu Licensing Committee; Manawatu Safety Committee; Manawatu County Council; Manawatu College; Manawatu Rabbit Board; Manawatu Road Safety Committee; Pollution Advisory Council
Manawatu Road Safety Committee
Manawatu-Wairarapa Savings Bank  
Manawatu-Wairarapa Savings Bank  
Martins Service Station - Main Street  
Maternity Home  
Mayors Honorarium  
Meetings Local bodies; Council in Committee; Council: Triennial; Public excluded; Executive Municipal Association
Memorial Hall Hire; Parking; Sunshine Club; Repairs; Pianos; Chairs; Table Tennis Club; Painting Interior; Trestles; Power points: fuse box
Milk Milk supply; Milk cool store; Deliveries
Ministry of Works Ministry of Works Members and Deputies; Ministry of Works estimates of revenue; Ministry of Works highways and streets
Minutes Confirmation
Mission for Lepers (New Zealand)  
Municipal Association Circulars; Minutes; Conference; Bylaw; Local Body Commission; Various matters
Municipal Association Tokoroa Empowering Bill
Municipal Electric Supply Authorities  
Municipalities Insurance Company  
National Roads Board Works Programme 1966/67
Nash Christmas Cheer Appeal  
Newspaper Files  
Noxious Weeds - General  
New Zealand New Zealand Municipalities Co-operative Insurance Company; New Zealand Travel and Holiday Association; New Zealand Holiday; New Zealand Railways; New Zealand Meteor Service
Office Equipment  
Open Door Mission  
Otaki Swimming Club  
Oxnams Timber  
Palmerston North City Council Letter of appreciation
Palmerston North Hospital Board  
Park Street Hall Trust Board New building
Pensioners Flats Television Aerial; Repairs; F Wilson; Miss Corrie; Miss M A F Sleaper; Alice M Langdon; O L Keyes; W Melton
Permits N Ellwood; Oxnam Timber
Photographic Records  
Plant and Equipment Use of; T D 6; Motor mower
Play Centre  
Plumbers and Gasfitters Registration  
Plunket Society Donation  
Post and Telegraph Department Surplus materials
Pollution Advisory Committee Discharge
Press Representatives  
Public Excluded  
Public Library  
Public Notice Board  
Public Relations  
Publicity Publicity brochure; Publicity - Television
Pumping Station  
Rag Collections Jaycee
Rates Open door mission; McDonald property; Arrears; Refuse 1437/370; Striking; Rate book; Refuse Hornblow; Latter Day Saints; E Broderick; Report; Rates outstanding; Rates levying; Rates special
Record Store  
Reeve Street Sec 196  
Refuse Removal - General Tip fire; Collection; Containers
Regional Planning  
Reserves - see Parks Herrington Street; Target trees, etc; Target lease; Victoria Park; Victoria Park, cycle track; Victoria Park, trees; Ihakara Gardens; Easton Park floodlights; Easton Park general; Easton Park Rugby Club; Easton Park circus; Easton Park Bainesse School; Easton Park grandstand; Easton Park Sunday football; Easton Park Rugby Club; Seaview Gardens; Easton Park Foxton Primary School; Easton Park Cricket Club; Easton Park St John Ambulance Brigade; Racecorse
Returned Services' Association (RSA)  
Rivers Pollution; Whitebait
Road Deaths  
Royal Humane Society  
Rugby Football Club  
Salvation Army  
Scheme Plan C J Sparks
School School Buses; School Crossing
Scouting and Guiding  
Secs Lot 2,Block IV, Lady's Mile
Sewerage Yianakis Subdivision; Disposal; Connections outside Borough; Brown Street: State Houses; Treatment; Proposed; Improvements; Connection fees
Shell Oil Co  
Shingle from Rivers  
Shop Days, Raffles, etc Foxton Go Cart Club
Signs Motel Russel Street; Herrington Street; Foxton Beach Improvement Society and Ratepayers Association (Inc); Main Street J E Irons
Smoke Registration Regulations  
Staff Office E Young; Town Clerk; Borough Foreman; Water and Sewage Operators; Authority sign cheques; Works; Office Mrs Sheridan; Local Bodies Officers Award; J Johnston office; Gunter G; Dangerous Goods Inspector; Local Bodies Drivers; Town Clerk (continued); N Ellwood
Stock Mower knives
Street Day Street raffle; St John Ambulance; Awahou Indoor Bowls Association (Inc)
Street Lighting Norbiton Road; Johnston Street; Transfer; Coloured lights; Christmas lighting; Russell Street; Mark Perreau Place
Streets Main check rails; Union; Jenks; Whittaker; Channels and crossings blocks of wood; Brown; Park; Purcell; Main Highway; Ravensworth Place; Carriageway Widths; Hall; Herrington; Lady's Mile; Signs; Spring; Norbiton Road; Stormwater; Futter; Whyte Street - trees; Main Street; Hetta; Reconstruction; Tidying; White Street; Futter Street; Jenks Street; Victoria Street; Wharf
Streets continued Field Estate; Frames; Avenue Road; Mr Smart; Farrells; Coley Street; Irons shop; Lady's Mile; Jenks Street; White Street
Streets continued Cook Street; Churchill Crescent; Huntley Street; Futter Street
Subdivisions Mark Perreau Place; Secs 148 and 197 C T C1/946 Ministry of Works; Yianakis; P C Twomey; Park A 997 Part Block V Awahou Block; Hayes Sect 18 and 26; Mark Perreau Place; Speirs R N Ltd (26532); I Upchurch 19, 20, 25 and 26; Cook Street - Mrs S M Boyd; Bruce and Goone Lot 8 D P G Jenks Street; Lady's Mile estate M F Robinson; Herrington Street; A A Kluit; Mark Perreau Place; Norbiton Road; J McDowell, Sec 313; Secs 573 and 574
Subdivisions continued Lot 9 DP 19063, Pt Sec 89, Victoria Street; Mark Perreau Place; Robinson; Paintin's; Highway motels; Pt Sec 74, 75, 76 and 86; Pt Sec 88; Broderick;Whittaker Street
Subdivisions continued Standards; D P and R N Spiers and J B Bergin; A M Mudford
Sun Dial  
Sunshine Hours  
Survey Marks  
Swimming Baths and Swimming Club Swimming Club; Otaki College; Extension
Tape Recorder  
Television Programmes  
Tennis Club  
Town Clerk's Salary Scale  
Town Hall 1 Lease; Supper room; Renovations
Town Hall 2  
Town Planning 1 Undersize Secs; Light industry; Bulletins; District Scheme
Town Planning 2  
Traffic Traffic Officer's report; No Parking sign; Inspector's farewell; Offences; Radar speed check; Accidents; Chief Officer; Annual report Transport Department; Main Street InterSec; Fees; Main Street - heavy logging truck; Transport Department Monument
Traffic Inspector Reports
Transfers D T and B Bruce
Transport Department  
Trees 1 Racecourse
Trees 2  
Wanganui Education Board  
Wanganui Public Museum  
Water Supply Big Tex; Pump Lady's Mile flood damage; Development; Sandy Lodge; New Zealand Woolpack four inch; New Zealand Woolpack general; Equiry Woodville; Restrictions; Palmerston North Hospital Board; Pump repairs; Wells; Youth Hostel; Hydrants; Flood damage; Levin treatment; Rabbit Board; Extraordinary charges; Cameron E; Benfield; Stewart Street well; Foxton Primary School connection
Water Supply continued S G Small swimming pool; Report; Wells; Discontinuance; Well basing; Treatment plant; Leak; Shannon water supply; Meters; Connection fees; Gradings
Weed Killer  
Wellington Harbour Board  
Whitebait Spawning  
Works Report
Works Staff  

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