Card Index to Council Minutes, A-Z

HDC 00243:1:3
Descriptive Note

Index for pages 1-467 of Volume 13 and pages 1-197 of Volume 14. These cards also provide an index to the Borough file numbers.

This contains the following cards (the Notes record any specific issues recorded, but don't always reflect the full contents of the card):

Card Title Notes
A - Miscellaneous Authority to sign cheques; Aliens; National Society of Alcoholism; ANZAC Day football match; Amusement park; Anti-litter campaign - representatives, Feilding, see Litter; Awahou indoor bowls; Amalgamation discussion (Jaycees); Amateur Sport Association; Appreciation; Accessway - Norbiton and Churchhill
Accounts for payment/collection International Harvester; Horowhenua Electric Power Board; K C Motors; Fencing seaview gardens; Annual accounts; Cleaning Town Hall; Account for $25 from funds; Barratt and Davidson; Account from plumber regarding Nicholson
Advertisements - General Pensioners flats; Returned Services' Association (RSA) Ball
Audit Office Audit report; Land subdivision account; Annual audit; 1971/72 accounts
Awards - General Manawatu-Wairarapa Employers' Association; Long Service Pay Award; Cost of living wage order; Local Bodies Gardeners, [Labourers, and Other Workers Award]
B - Miscellaneous Brass band: deputation; Birthright (Foxton) In; Bus service Landliners; Broadcasting; "Bunny Slowboat"; Building Research Association Wellington; Boys Brigade walk; Bowling Association (indoor); Bowling achievement; Broken glass; Bonfire; Blinker lights - truck; Buildings - derelict; Bradnock; Bus parking
Bank of New Zealand - General Authority to sign cheques; Charges
Bonds and Caveats - General  
By-laws - Miscellaneous Legal opinion - railway and clothing; Billiard Room Licence
By-laws - Buildings Park Street Hall; Jehovah's Witnesses; J Madderom; Old houses; Easton Park/Muirhead; K Sim; J E and H J Turk; Youth Hostel Association House; J M Titcombe; Railway Homes, Main Street; Killiner - poultry houses; R G Henderson - building permit; C Betteridge - permit; Sign- Avenue dairy; Inspector for non-permit buildings; Oxnams, permit; Inspection fees; G Rotherham; G Soo, Russell Street; W J Reid (Re-siting)
By-laws - General Public places (litter): Rotary); Cattle on street; Litter essays; Fish and chips signs; Fees for registration; Display stand; Erection of electric clock; Amusement park; Signs - BP [British Petroleum] (New Zealand); Signs and hoardings; Holiday Motor Camp; Pictorial sign; Stock; Taxi stand; Coffee lounge; Soft drink litter; Sign R M Rushton Johnston Street; Signs: H Dustin, Rag and Clothing, wood on verges, long grass, Ak Bar sign, Post Office Hotel, impounded horse, rubbish Churchill Crescent noxious weeds, Mr Eustace Cook Street; Building permit forms
By-laws - General Offences and Prosecutions  
Borough - Miscellaneous Information etc B G R Saunders (Massey University); A N Hunt; Manawatu Herald files; Historical records; Film company; Facilities criticism; River smell; Coley Street School
Businessmen's Association/Chamber of Commerce Chamber of six - street lighting; Brown Street; Parking in Main Street; Appreciation; Erecion of Christmas tree; Annual accounts; Pedestrian crrossing; State highway; Main street
C - Miscellaneous Coley Street; Cycle racks; Catchment Board representation; Cancer Society; Capping magazine; Centennial of Flax Industry; Carols by Candlelight; Late correspondence; Cycle race; Christmas Tree; Christmas party; Cross country; Census; Crime prevention; Chairs; Crippled Children; Coley Street School; Commemoration Service; Conciliation Commission; Complaints
Cemetery Manawatu County Council grant; Lawn - placing of flowers; New berm; Council visit; Refund of plot money; Quotation for berms; Donation; Out-of-town charges; Lifting of concrete grazing; Department of Internal Affairs grant; Returned Services' Association (RSA) cemetery; Tree removal; Erection of tombstones; Removal of tombstones; Pipe and chain fence; Fees for Returned Services' Association (RSA) plots;Wrong grave dug J Barber; Grant - S Barber; Damaged tree; Returned Services' Association (RSA) seat; Cemetery conditions; Plaque type cemetery; Retirement C Powell; Steps at lawn 6; Returned Services' Association (RSA) deputation; Returned Services' Association (RSA) agreement; Children cemetery; Ornamental gateway; Exclusion public; Cemetery gateway; Sand from stormwater drain; Returned Services' Association (RSA) grant for wall; Anonymous donation $10; Additional berm; Removal of "lone graves" and relocation
Cemtery continued New berm: quote; Returned Services' Association (RSA) - topdressing; Demolition of building; Returned Services' Association (RSA) cremation plots; Graves for convent; Servicemens' cemetery extensions; Out of town fees; Lawn extensions; Surveying; Childrens berm; Mrs Cane letter; Boundary wall; New berms; ExtensionReturned Services' Association (RSA) plots; Grass children's cemetery; Block wall - Avenue Road; Block Wall - Avenue Road Returned Services' Association (RSA) ; Internal Affairs letter received; Tree planting ($10); Lawn cemetery block 2; Seating
Civil Defence Scheme Civil Defence Plan; Bank of New Zealand; Wardens posts; Rotary and others; Meeting; Course
Closing Orders and Repair Notices etc P R Speers
Conferences - Miscellaneous City of Rotorua; Town Clerk Representative Christchurch
Congratulatory Messages, Condolences, etc Palmerston North City; J Soong; Miss de Roo; Honours book; D Barron; L W Gandar; Commendation of Town Clerk; Borough Inspector; Jaycees; Palmerston North election - Mayor; Councillor Swiggs; Presentation; Retiring Councillors; Chairman Horowhenua Electric Power Board; Post Offic Hotel; R McBrydie Borough Foreman; Councillor Maher - "get well"; McCarthy Bereavement; Foxton Historical Society; J Read; Lonsdale Hospital congratulations; Mr N Smith (Jaycees); Mr Emmo (Ministry of Works Engineer); Mr Trotman; Councillor Barber (A & P [Agricultural and Pastoral] Association); Mayor of Feilding (District Roads Council); Webb
Contracts Sureties - Mac Tatana; Pathway (Manawatu)
Conveniences - Public Victoria Park; Childrens Playground Demolition
Consultant Engineer (Truebridge Associates) Report on flooding; Increase in retainer; Report on water treatment; Water treatment plant; Report on water main, Victoria Street
Council Invitations received and sent St John's; Rotary Club; Presentation J Bergin; Presentation - Mr and Mrs King; Schoolboy rugby; Palmerston North Hospital Board
Council - Notice of Meetings Council business and committees (in committee); January; Triennial meeting
Council - Requisitions for Meetings etc Resignation of Councillor D N Hunt; Composition of Council; Notice of motion - stock; Leave of absence - Councillor Pearce; Resignation Councillor Maher; Leave of absence - Mayor; Resignation Swiggs
Council and Councillors, General 1971 Appointment; Inspection of Borough; Resignation of Mayor; Mayor honorarium and retireing allowance
D - Miscellaneous Decimal currency week; Returned Services' Association (RSA) donation; Dulux cycle race; Deputy Mayor appointment; Derelict buildings; Dump fines
Dogs - Registration Dogs in Main Street; Dog Ranger's report; Registration fees; Unregistered dogs; Stray dogs; Nuisance; Final notice; Borough Foreman temporary; Resignation of Dog Ranger; Vacancy ranger; J Hodgson; Custody of rifle; Disposal of dead dogs; SPCA request for kennels; Charges for impounding; Ranger mileage allowance; Registration fees; Collection of fees; Dog frightening children
Dogs - Hydatid Control and Registration of Reports 74; Report regarding non-registrations (June)
Drains - Sewerage Reticulation A Johnson connection; Foot, Johnston Street connection; Sewer rods; Motex; Coley Street; A H Broderick; Sewer rods purchased; Temporary permit to discharge; Treatment site; Blockages; Cook Street extension; A Muir Russell Street; Manhole, Park Street; Sewerage report; Land purchase for sewerage; Duncan Street Sewer: Barrett and Davidson; Cook Street; Oxidation pond; D Hayes account
Drains - Stormwater S M Bond, 45 Cook Street; Churchill Crescent/Huntley Street; Bramley, 30 Futter Street; Park Street; Hillary Street; Cook Street extension; Drainage proposed playground (shared cost); Avenue Road (Gibbons); Catchment Board; Culvert - Clyde Street; Main Road South; Norbiton Road; Dispensation Manawatu Catchment Board; State advances; E T O'Dea; Jphnston Street/Cook Street; Tenders; Purcell Street: Pollands Fence see 6/1; Avenue Road; Lady's Mile; Flooding: Purcell, Howe and Nye Streets; Norbiton Road: Rendall, Spring Street end; Purcell Street; Jenks Street; Purcell Street; R B Medland, Avenue Road; Mr Mansfield to clean; Nr O'Dea
Drains - Stormwater continued Russell Street; Open manhole Park Street; Catchment Board; Piping Nye Street; Cook Street; Drain Cleaning 1972 (man of month); Drainage plan (Councillor Halcox); Drains, private property; Spring Street; Drain cleaning; Whyte Street
Drainage Easements and combined Drain Agreements Foxton Highway Motels; Drainage blockages; Motex application: Manawatu County Council; Public drain; E T O'Dea
E - Miscellaneous "Expo 69"; Electric power lines etc see Town Planning; End of term dinner; Expansion chamber
Elections and Polls - General Palmerston North election; Triennial meeting; Statutory declaration; Appointment of representatives; Meeting dates; Manawatu Licensing Committee; Harbour Board - B G Ellwood; Manawatu College Board of Governors; 1968 statistics; Palmerston North Hospital Board
Elections - Booth and Staff  
Elections - District Electors' List Cyclostyled
Elections - Loans Polls  
Elections - Mayor and Councillors Appointment of Deputy Mayor; Two extraordinary vacancies; Returning Officer's declaration 1971; Appointment Deputy Mayor; Mayoral election; Appointment of Deputy Mayor; One extraordinary vacancy; Installation; Appointment of Council Representatives
Elections - Nominations  
Employers' Association Annual report; Special meeting Levin
Entertainments - Sundry etc  
Equipment - Staff  
Equipment - Works Road broom; Sale of electric coppers; Purchase of hose
F - Miscellaneous Fireworks Bonfire; Foxton Beach improvements; Funeral Parlour; Flax booklet; Fishing Industry Board; Fire Brigade ball and banquet; Film - 'Fire-a-penny'; Flax Industry, future of; Fines at dump; Football Club - letter of congratulations, shed; Food Research Centre of Christian Service etc; Flooding, Avenue Road; First aid kits; Furniture and furnishings; Fire permits; Foxton Golf Club; Foxton Playcentre; Foxton Bowling Club
Fencing - Applications and Complaints etc Baden Powell Hall; Adjoining Easton Park entrance; Podmore Cottages; Oxnam-Avenue Road; Waterworks Reserve; Accessway - Churchill Crescent; Racing stables; R V Polland, Ridge Street; M M Simpson; Council Chambers Iron Fence; Councillor Barber; Anglican Church/Easton Park; Avenue Road/Russell Street
Finance - General Discrepancy; Transfer of funds; Transfer of conversion loan; Manawatu-Wairarapa Savings Bank; Burglary; Hospital Board/Easton Park; Gala Society Trust account; Land subdivision account; Transfer from refuse account to plant; Gala society funds; Playcentre grant; Preschool Trust Fund; Signing of cheques and operate bank accounts
Finance - Annual Estimates Estimates 1967/68; Estimates 1968/69; Estimates 1969/70; Estimates 1970/71; Estimates 1971/72; Estimates 1972/73
Finance - Grants and Donations Civil Defence; Royal Humane Society; From Consumers Co-Operative
Finance - Statistics  
Fire Authority - General Account; Local Fire Board; Annual report and balance sheet; Fire pumping; Drying racks; Hydrants; Appointment of Councillor Terry; Councillor Terry report; Fire hazard; Estimates 69/70; Report on station; Painting hydrants; Borough Fire Officer; Fire report 34 Lady's Mile; Loan approved; Annual report (Councillor Bowden)
Footpaths Damage - Jenks Street; Duncan Street; Boley Street; Verges to be sown; Futtes Street; Clyde Street Petrol Tank; Co-operative cycle racks; Damage - Johnston Street; Ravensworth Place; Mark Perreau Place; Cycle racks; Coley Street (J Bowles); Herrington Street; Quote from Mr Ross; Chip sealing; Repairs; Main Street; Upgrading; Broken; Thyme Street
G - Miscellaneous Gala Day: tug of war cup; Government House; Gala Society winding-up; General wage order; General business; Golf Club Opening Day; Glass broken; Grass cutting
Gazette Notices Victoria Park
Foxton Golf Club Codicil clause in lease; Deputation; Club visit; Application for grant; Railway land; Artificial lake; Renewal of lease; Opening Day
Government Grants - Ministry of Works  
Government Statistician Population figures
H - Miscellaneous Home and Family Week; Humane Society subscription; Historical Society; Hunger Walk; Heart Fund Appeal; Historical Society deputation; Historical Society invitation to lecture, congratulations racing display; Houses (ex Railway); Hospital in Horowhenua; Hospital Bus Association; Herrington Street; Hall Committee; Honorarium; Horowhenua Power Board; Heaters; Harbour Street
Health Department Sanitary plumbing; Water samples; Non-notificationinfectious disease; Grading of water; Dog nuisance; Infections/Dr Teppett; X-ray unit; Water sample; Letter regarding subsidies; Report - proposed sewage treatment; Water supply; Tip
Health Inspector Young Brothers, Johnston Street; Fees for food premises; List by name food premises; Mosquitos; Names of complainants; Noise nuisance (Norbiton Road); Town Planning nuisance - car bodies; Home hairdressing: "Club Milk Bar", C Saunders; Resignation; Des Lyons; Demolition - De Ridder; Ak Bar - Main Street; Wine shop; Inspection of Church halls; Report on Falkner's shop; Memorial Hall fire fighting; Water samples; Selling of poultry; Tea rooms R Falkner; Scout Hall; Easton Park grandstand; Silver band hall; Awahu hall; Kindergarten and playcentre; Attendance at meeting; Demolition, service station Main Street; Dangerous goods; Mr Guinan at meeting; 34 Lady's Mile; Diesel burner Easton Park; Turk's (fly nuisance); K Sim amusement parlour - see 'S' Sim; Avenue Road milk bar; Inspection services; Fees
Health Inspector continued Inspection of halls 1971; Report, Easton Park grandstand; Water, Perreau Place; 11 Thyme Street; Letter from Manawatu County Council; Letter from Mr Guinan; P C James
Health Inspector's Requisitions etc Demolition order; Z Milicich
Horowhenua Electric Power Board Decorative lights; Natural gas; Street lighting; Pumping for fire; Representation; Underground reticulation; Chairman - Smith; Transformer; L T Reconstruction; Municipal [Electrictricity] Supply Authorities [Association]; Revoking of Regulation 58 sub clause 6; Advice of Board's activities
Hospital Board - Palmerston North J B Bergin; Horowhenua Hospital Promotion Maternity home; Dr Teppett; Representation; Open Day; Hospital in Horowhenua
Housing - Staff Houses Norbiton Road: repairs to glass; Hall Street: roof; S Chard - Harbour Street;S Chard painting; Hall Street rent; Proposed purchase of: D Dare; Hall Street vacation, letting, J Holland; Painting; Letting Norbiton Road; D Chard: rent, alterations; Town Clerk house - Mr Lake vacating
Housing - Pensioners' Flats Podmore Cottages: blinds; (see also 16/10)
Hydatid - Officers Reports  
Hydatid - Committee and General Manawatu District Hydatids Committee; Committee of enquiry; Fees; Notice of meetings; Dosing fees
I - Miscellaneous Industrial promotion; Industries and commerce; Indoor bowls; Invitation
Insurance - General Telephone cable - Cook Street; Public liability (Lions Club); Grandstand; Insurance Brokers report; Public liability; Purchase of shares; State Insurance office; Sufficient cover; Meeting with P L Hunt Ltd; Policies
Inland Revenue Department  
J - Miscellaneous Jumbo jet airport; Wellington Provincial International Air Freighting Investigation Committee; Jay Bees Marching Club
Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycee) Intellectually handicapped children; Erection of Christmas Tree; Bonfore: 1970; Waitangi Day; Teenage driving contest; Milk Biscuit Programme; Congratulations N W Smith; Toilets, Main Street; Amalgamation discussion; Regional leadership; Car trial; Street name plates; National Executive meeting; Buffet luncheon, N Smith; Parade of floats; Teenage driving; Outstanding young men
K - Miscellaneous Kindergarten Salvation Army: expo, keys; Kindergarten Association: application for grant, funds held, new building, congratulations, water restrictions; Kerbs; Kuiti W; Kunaiti
L - Miscellaneous Local Government Commission; Levin meeting; Litter on highway; Little Theatre; Lady's Mile pump; Lighting see Street Lighting; Lonsdale Private Hospital; Little Theatre; Logs, for seating; Lions Club trailer; Levin combined amateur athletics and cycling; Little Theatre - bulldozing old site; Lights - pedestrian crossings; Leases; Loop smell; Levin abattoir
Land Development Loan - 1967 Herrington Street; Application to Loans Board; Special order; Titcombe and Bergin; G M Truebridge surveyor; Debentures; Tenders for road works; Price of Secs; Surveying; Underground power; Exclusion of Maoris; Laying off street; Memorandum of transfer: Nancy G Bergin, S A Titcombe; Sale of Secs approved: D O Smith, R V Allen, A E Corley; H Kamsteeg; N Oxnam Senior, H L Lampp; Mr and Mrs Annear; Peter H Robinson; I J Robbie; N W J Ingram; E E George; W F and M E Aitken
Land Development Loan - 1967 continued Herrington Street memorandum of transfer: Lot 15 (not sold), Lot 16; Sale of Secs approved: Kunaiti N and E Goodnight (Maori affairs); Burnard G T and M A
Lands and Survey Department Herrington Street waterworks reserve; Sale of Sec Victoria Park; Right of way - Golf Club; Victoria Park vesting; Noxious weeds; Fencing foreshore; Council land Mr Robinson/G Barber; Vesting of former railway land for public park etc; Land for sewerage treatment; Ex-railway houses
Leases - Borough Waerea property pipe drain; A E Emery, Emery/Scott; Rugby Union; Target reserve; Avenue Road/Futter Street; Golf Club; Racing Club; Supper Room; Scott Family Trust; Doreen; Spicer; T Robinson to define
Legal Opinions  
Library Country Library Service report; Member's cards; Hire charges; Appointment of Mrs Tilson; Library hours; Short course; Heating; Curtains; Repairs to roof; Recovery of books; New rentals; Library roof (see Memorial Hall); Librarians course; Hours of work
Licences - Miscellaneous Registration fees; Post Office Hotel; Building permit - Jehovah's [Witnesses Building]; Petrol tank under footpath; List of building permits; Manawatu Hotel - variation in hours; Manawatu Licensing Committee; N M Shailer; J E Irons; Removal of tanks - dangerous goods; J Madderom; Old house - Coley Street; Buildings
Licences - Motor Drivers - Heavy Traffic  
Licences - Motor Drivers, Passenger Service & Motor Omnibus Taxicab - R B Howe; Taxicab - C N Saunder; Taxicab - W P Chase, R E Robson; Taxicab - G A Corley; Mrs C D Mounsey
Licences - Motor Drivers, Endorsements, Cancellations, etc Eyesight testing
Litter See '1' - anti-litter for earlier entries; National No Litter Week 1972; Litter Prevention Officers; Litter bins
Loans - General Water treatment and mains extension loan; Loans board; Public issue; National Provident Fund; Establishment of a Sinking Fund; Water treatment supplementary loan; Sewerage improvement loan
Local Government Commission Proposed visit
M - Miscellaneous Mortuary facilities; Mayoral allowance; Meteorological service; Massey University - open day, sale of Masskerade; Martins Service Station; Magistrates Court, closure of; Manawatu Road Safety Committee; Manawatu Regional Promotional Film; Manawatu Catchment Board; Manawatu County Inspection Fees; Manawatu County Health Inspector; Manawatu Museum Society; Marching girls; Mayor - leave of absence; Manawatu College; Minutes of meetings; Meetings - "Contact", Royal Forest and Bird etc
M - Miscellaneous continued Mosen; Mayoral chain
Manawatu County Council Offensive trade (charcoal); Health Inspector
Memorial Hall Damage and deposit; No Parking sign; Power points; Double booking; Home and family week; Extended hours; Draft conditions; Jehovah's Witnesses; Letting to Football Club; Dr Wylie's sundial; J E Pugh: cleaning fee; Piano; Cleaning J Chard; Merry-go-round; Steps; Late dance; Sanding floor; Door between library/hall; Committee Room for Historical Society; Chrysanthemum Club ANZAC Day; Sunshine Club; Open air mission; Repairs to roof; Fire-fighting equipment; Inspection after lettings and hiring; Lighting; Toilets; Diesel burners; Rentals
Memorial Hall continued Modern School of Music; New Zealand Promotion Agency; Camera Club; Gala Dance (Lions); Re-roofing Library; Notice regarding sink heater; Cleaning; Inventory; Heating; Committee report; Caretaker; Hours Soo; Golf Club; Chairs; Time switches; Surf lifesaving club; Beach Improvement Society; Shop days; Jay Bees Marching Club; Report
Member of Parliament (MP) for District Tokoroa Empowering Bill; Meeting 15/3/67; Remission of rates (Mrs Hutchings)
Ministry of Works - General State Highway; Broderick's Property; District Road Board Representatives; Removal of hedge Russell Street; Help during flooding
Milk Authority Milk processing store (annual rental); Milk vendors - broken bottles; Milk Board regarding quality; Dlegating authority; Unprotected milk; G A Williams milk delivery
Motor Spirits Resellers Licences Martins Service Station
Municipal Association Town Clerk salary scale; Forestry development; Sewerage and water subsidies; Otaki Meeting; Mr Kemp and Mr Sullivan's visit; Conference 1973
Municipality Co-Operative Insurance Co Ltd Refund of premium
Mc - Miscellaneous McCarthy
N - Miscellaneous Natural Gas; NAC Flights Palmerston North; New Zealand Co-Operative Wool Marketing Association
National Roads Board Roading; National Roads Board Tour; Three year programme; Appointment of representatives; Meeting; Inspection
Naturalisation Ceremony Otaki; Foxton
New Zealand Railways Railway house; Railway land - Main Street; Chemicals for water freight
Notices of Motion and Meetings Road death sign; Easter meeting; Refuse collection (bags)
Noxious Weeds - General Summit Products accounts; Overhanging trees; Mrs A M Coyle; R W Chesham; Sect 130; Milk processing; R G Zander; Boxthorn; Main highway; Spring Street; Lupin growth - E O'Dea; Hall Street; Cape tulip
O - Miscellaneous (including "Office") Destruction of record store; Christmas office closing; Office cleaning; Ombudsman; Open air meeting; Open forum; Office hours; Outstanding man of year; Overtime; Oxnams
Office Equipment Filing cabinet; Council table; Carpeting entrance; Calculating machine; Typewriter
P - Miscellaneous and Publicity Playcentre; Public Relations Organisation booklet; Photo; Christmas Party; Manawatu Standard; Parking; A N Hunt - survey; Prime Minister; "Press" letter; Post Office telephone cable Union Street; Plunket Society; Public Meeting; Petersens regarding cartage of sand; Playcentre - application for grant, shop days; Palmerston North Centenary; Paper drives; Post Office cost sharing; Palmerston North Technical Institute Student; Post Office - cable plans; Permits, fire; Population; Pedestrian crossing; Programme; Public bore; Pond; Penalties
Parks and Reserves - Miscellaneous Riverbank Reserve - W B Halcox; Pound, lease of; Pound: wandering stock, poundkeeper etc; Topping overhanging trees; McLeod - Plantation Reserve; Children's playground (Main Street); Block State Highway 1 (Hay); Grass verges
Parks - Miscellaneous Easton Park - Rugby Football; Target Reserve - Racing Club - lease and sale of trees; Easton Park - circus; Target Reserve; Victoria Park; Easton Park power points; Avenue nurseries; Road death sign; Children's swings; Seaview Gardens - fencing; Easton Park - Cricket Club;Seaview Gardens (Lions Club); Victoria Park Improvement; Easton Park: grandstand, boundary, floodlighting; Proposed playground; Golf Club access; Victoria Park vesting; Easton Park erection of club rooms; Removal of greenery; Victoria Park height of trees; Sundry football; Fire brigade (Easton Park); Foreshore Foxton; Cricket Club; Fencing Easton Park; Flower beds; Inspection Team; Voluntary custodian; Closing of playground
Parks - Easton Park Ridgeway sirens; Siting of stall; Showers; Lions Club Gala Day; Grandstand; Sunday football; Married versus single; Cricket Club; Softball Club; Rugby Football Club; Horowhenua Rugby Union; Top dressing; Anzac Day rugby; Training lights; Training lights; Oil burner - grandstand; Fence - South East boundary; Door to ticket boxes; Rugby Football Club: grandstand; Erection of signs; New playground (Jaycees, Lions); Lions Club Gala Day; Cricket Club: cars parking; Top dressing; Toilets, Main Street entrance; Grandstand vandalism; Key for Rugby Football Club; Use of Maori Queen Committee
Parks - Easton Park continued Timber; Football Club (house); Cricket Club 1971/72: grandstand work; Marching girls; Milling of logs; Scoreboard; Fallen tree; Football Club, use of; Use by Easton Family; Fence repairs; Gala 1972; Marching Association; Vandalism; Use for political meetings
Parks - Seaview Gardens Lions Club fencing; Lions handing it back; Grasscutting
Parks - Target Reserve Tree pruning; Aerial spraying; Crighton Mills; Tree planting; Go-cart Club; Trees on boundary; Felling trees; Planting trees; Timber - M Berkhan; Lease (Mr Chesham); Tender for; Borough Foreman to report on; Survey of leases; Forestry Department; Stacking of logs; House on farm; Timber (Gemmill); Tree planting (College); Timber
Parks - Victoria Park Permission for hangi; Improvement Committee; Rest area; Salvaged trees; Seating; Play equipment; Unofficial custodian; Removal of trees; Vandalism; Tree hut; Request for women's toilet; H H Harber; Metal on driveway; Post and rails, Park Street entrance; Barbecue - Foxton Primary School; Mr Gibbs improvements; Surplus trees; Picnic area - Girl Guides; Rotary Project, grant; Dumping of rubbish; Jaycee car trial; Alkathene piping (toilets etc); Seating; Manawatu College Old Boys Hockey; Rest area development: see layby; Car Rally (proposed); Big tax sign
Parks - Victoria Park continued Lay-by area (Jaycee, Lions, Rotary etc); Tree stumps; Electrical wiring; Trees over wiring; Amateur athletic association; Dying trees
Parks and Reserves - Foreshore Reserve Land and Survey Department
Pensioners' Flats Condition of tenancy - Dix; Joinery and fencing; Seaview - roof painting; Seaview - woodwork; Inspection: Plumber and Electrician; Minor repair work; Podmore Cottage - blinds; Hotpoints; Minor repairs; Roof Seaview; Kleensaks and holders
Petitions Council/ L W Gander
Petrol Tax Refunds and Petrol Tax Levy Levy
Plant Petrol consumption; Machinery unattended; Anderson pump; New crawler tractor; Maintenance; Plant and tool purchases; Sale of TD6; Lawn mower purchase; Drain digger; Back blade purchase; Engine Bedford; Disused electric motor; Mechanical check - D Booth; Highway mower; Tractor repairs; Bulldozer; Repairs, standby pump; Sale of standyby puump; David Booth regarding crawler tractor; (G Barber ditto); Repairs to Morris truck; Repairs to Bedford truck; Sale rotary tractor mower; Broderick and Kay (trailer); Councillors machinery report; Demonstrations of; Surplus pipes sold; Tractor and mower: purchase; Bulldozer maintenance; Shed for bulldozer; Trailer number three; Petrol tank locks; Sludge pump; Mayfield mower; Machinery for sale; Sewerage pump; Ejector pump
Plant continued Repairs to Tractor number seven; Lawn Mower purchase; Trailer; Auto-roller; Hire; Mower motors; Blinker light - truck
Plant Hire Charges  
Police Department Fireworks; Survey; Meeting with Chief Superintendent Burnside (special meeting); Burglary in Borough; Vandalism, Easton Park; Survey of staffing; K Sim, fun parlour; Police Chief's visit; Crime prevention seminar
Printing and Stationery  
Purchase of Properties and Sale of Property Whittaker Street Sec; I J Robbie, Lady's Mile; Former railway land; Offer adjoining Foxton Hotel land; Reeve Street
Public Halls Church halls
Q - Miscellaneous Victoria Park
R - Miscellaneous Annual rental (milk store); Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society; Rag collection (Crippled Children), rag drive; Racing Club Centenary; Letter congratulations - J Read; Rotary Club (Supper Room); Returned Services' Association (RSA) - Anzac Day, annual ball, carols; Rotary (two letters); Royal Humane Society; Racing Club - meeting with; Round table; Rubbish bags; Russell Street drain; River loop; Raffle tickets
Rates - General/Systems Latter Day Saints; Car park rear of milk store; Open door mission; Financial year 67/68, 1968/69, 1969/70; Rate book 1967/68, 1968/69, 1969/70, 71/72; Youth Hostel Association remission; Mrs Hutchings; Road services depot: written off; Financial year 1970/71, 1971/72, 1972/73; Hunt and Mills (Lady's Mile mission); Inspection before 1971/72; Variations regarding Sec 43; Mrs Felczynski; Financial year 1973/74; Rates written off; Rate book 1972/73
Rates - Collection Town Clerk's report; Rate arrears list; 37 Norbiton Road 1437/262; Unpaid rates; Penalty on; Bowling Club; Act on rate arrears
Rates - Collection (Borough Solicitor) Arrears: Maori affairs; Letting off water; Written off; Statement regarding position; List of arrears
Rates - Crown  
Refuse Removal - General Soil at tip; Health inspection; Offensive bins; Rotary - refuse bins; Fire hydrant tip; Department of Agriculture; Fencing; Road at dump; Sawdust; Signs; Paper bags; Dumping; Ak Bar bin; Frame for truck; Circular to householders; Sawdust at tip; Sawdust by racecourse; Deposits, Avenue Road; Smoke at tip: woolpacks, Manawatu County, Department of Health; Maintenance of tip; Signs at tip; M E Grose; 'Kleenpak' system; Motion regarding paper bags; Committee setup; Holiday collection
Regional Development Council Councillor Coburn replies; Levin Meeting Town Clerk; Manawatu Regional Development Council; Publicity film; Beach project; Host Council; Administration expenses; Film premiere; Donation to beach improvements; Mr Elwood regarding Foxton Beach; Subscriptions; Notice of meeting; Report of meeting
Reserves - see Parks  
Roads - Boundary (Works) Purcell Street West; Spring Street (Manawatu County Council)
Roads - Improvements Footpath Lady's Mile; Footpath Duncan Street; New Zealand Woolpack and Textiles Ltd; Road Programme 1967; Re-surface Coley Street; Poor quality tar; Metalling; Ravensworth Place; Closing; District Roads Council (10% cuts); Main Street; Foxton Chamber of Commerce; Road Programme 1968; Road - Main Street Tenders; D Morris Norbiton Road; Five year plan; Park Street second coat sealing; Tree planting; Roading 1969/70; Roading 1970/71; Roading 1971/72, 1972/73, 1973/74; Duncan Street - Kerbing; Victoria Street; Main Street, Clyde and Ravensworth - sealing tenders; State Highway One: Truebridge; State Highway 1 Ministry of Works; Three year roading plan
Roads - Safety (Road Safety Committee) Narrowness Beach Road; Road death sign; Motorcycle scramble; Traffic on beach; Better driving contest; Non-representation; Appeal for funds
S - Miscellaneous Supper break; Survey of Foxton; Social function; Storm damage; Statutory declaration; Sawdust, dumping of; Sand nuisance, Harbour Street; K Sim - Amusement parlour; Speirs N; Sporting achievements; Surf and Lifesaving Club; Secondhand business (see 'U'); Student working in office; Street signs; Scott Family Trust; Stewart Street well; St Mary's home school; Stormwater; Seat
S - Miscellaneous continued Salvation Army; Street meetings; Surplus spoil
Schools - General Manawatu College Queen Carnival; School patrol; Manawatu College - boundary fence; Representative Board of Governors; Haircutting of students; Hydrant, Coley Street School; Lighting opposite College gate; Primary School water rates; Manawatu College Cross Country; Invitation to Music Festival: 1972 festival; Peter Thomas - Traffic Quiz
Sewage Treatment Plant site; Temporary permit; Department of Health and Pollution Advisory Council; Loans Board; Engineer's sewerage report; Land purchase; Oxidation pond; Manawatu Catchment Board letter
Shop Days, Raffles, etc Plunket Rose Day; Foxton Union Parish; Foxton Anglican Parish
Special Orders Sale of tennis court confirmation; General Bylaw 791; Conversion Loan - transfer; Licensed vehicles and stands bylaw; Laying off - Herrington Street; Annual Accounts; Laying off Johnston Street
Staff - General Retired man for streets; Leading Hand (Bakker); R MacBrydie; F E Pond; T Pratt; Contract work - Walker; General wage order; W M Betty termination; Employment of cadet; Salary rises Town Clerk and Borough Foreman; R McBrydie; Award wages; Parks and Reserves Full-time; Borough Foreman and cemetery; Trainee; Salaries and wages; Water treatment - operators overtime; Town Clerk and Borough Foreman duties; Poundkeeper; Mrs Randall's salary; Librarian's salary; List of staff wages; Councillor Barber as liason; Miss Terry's salary; Drain-cleaning labour; Mileage allowance - R Chesney; Duties; General wage order; Leading hand at meetings; Christmas party; Mrs Fekete's salary; Mrs Randall's hours; Long service pay; Cost of living [wage] order
Staff - General continued Ex-gratia payment L Bakker; Borough Foreman holiday pay; Anti tetanus; Office salaries
Staff - Appointments and Resignations Part-time typist; Appointment of junior; Advertisement for Borough Foreman; Appointment of G G Temperton; Reignation M Fekete; Appointment B Terry; Resignation J Purcell; Resignation P G Templeton; Advertisement - Foreman; Foreman's Resignation; R McBrydie appointment; E K Stockman and G G Temperton; B McCarthy operator; Temporary replacement; Resignation Mr C Gill; Town Clerk, appointment of; Resignation Mr Chesney; Appointment; Mr Spittal - resignation; Appointment Mr McAllister as Poundkeeper; Appointment Mr Holland; Resignation B Terry; M Fekete; Borough Foreman appointment; Town Clerk resignation, appointment; Town Clerk appointment
Street Appeals, Raffles Lions Club book drive; Awahou Indoor Bowling Association; Elephant race; Woodville Swimming Committee; St John Ambulance; Spinning wheel; Plunket Society; Coley Street School; Silver Band; Coley Street Parent-Teacher Association (PTA); Social credit van; Play centre; Raffles; Raffles Jay Bees; Awahour indoor bowls; Salvation Army; Free kindergarten; Rag collection; Shop days
Streets - Lighting Chamber of Commerce; Decorative street lights; Coley Street and Cook Street; Victoria Street lighting; Pedestrian crossings; Ihakara Gardens and Avenue Road; Light opposite College gate
Streets - General Whyte Street trees; Brown Street; Victoria Street; Markings; Names; Jaycees; Automobile Association signs; Service lane Main Street; Stopping of Harbour and Watson; Valued Watson Street; Bergin Road; Verges State Highway; Re-naming of Union Street; Verges Victoria Street; Watson, Liddell Street and Ravensmouth Place - proclamation; Main Street (railway land); Jaycees street signs; Victoria Street upgrading; Street name plates (Halcox), Jaycees; Road markings; Horses on verges; Tree planting, Herrington Street; Road signs; Right of way
Subdivisions - General Subdivisional standards; D P and R N Spiers and J B Bergin; Mrs A M Mudford; P C Twomey; A B Paintin; Foxton Racing Club; R N Speirs; Miss M Hair; Mark Perreau Place; B J Ross; Mrs Gameson; Rangiheuea; F C Williams; Mrs N G Bergin; Brown Street; N O Oxnam; McDowell; Foxton Hotel; A H Broderick; Herrington Street and Lady's Mile; Foxton Borough Council; R W Chesham; E W Petersen; S A Titcombe; Water treatment - Harbour Street; M S D Spiers; A and N Broderick; W J Woodhouse; K C Raikes; Estate E A Field; Foxton Playcentre; Foxton Kindergarten; Mr R Condor; Watson Street/Ravensworth Place/Liddell Street
Subdivisions - General continued Mrs England; J K Hornblow; Sec 82 - Robinson Street (Bartosh); "Plan 29648" title deeds signed; D P Speirs; Hunt, Mills and  Anderson; Mrs Felcynski; A J Tennison; New Zealand Woolpack; M S D Spiers; Foxton Presbyterian; Dr Matthus; R R Irons; Sale lot 15; Lot 16 Burnard; Sale of properties deposit; Sale Sec Reeve Street
Sunday Cinema, Sports, etc C V Martin; Sunday concert; Sports meeting racecourse; Softball Club
Sunshine Records February 1970
Swimming Baths and Swimming Club Erection of learner's pool' Annual meeting; Parent-Teacher Association grant; Use of baths; Accounts; Councillor Ross delegate; Club night; Advertisement; Appeal to schools; Baths signs; Concrete surrounds; Fence between learners and main; Light tower; Resignation Custodian; Deputation regarding finance; Yearly grant; Repairs to gate; Telephone; Operating loss
T - Miscellaneous Tree felling; Triennial meeting; Tour of inspection; Taxi telephone; Public telephone Lady's Mile; Tree planting; Teenage driving contest; Truebridge Associates retainer; Tree trimming, Harbour Street and Wharf Street; Teenage dance; Thanks; Taxi licence; Telephone, Borough Foreman; Turks Poultry Farm; Tree (Magnolia) at Council office; Timber; Trailer; Typewriter
Tenders - Accepted, Legal etc Seaview pensioner flats; Learner's swimming pool; Memorial Hall roof; Metalling streets; Proposed playground; 1967/68 roading; Second coat sealing Union Street; Water treatment pumps; Electric coppers; Water reticulation; Roading 1969/70; Submersible pump for 12 inch well; Repair BTD tractor; Trees, Target Reserve; Channelling, Liddell Street; Ravensmouth Place and Union Street; Resealing Duncan Street; Town Hall front; Library roof; Easton Street and Hulke Street
Town Hall Renovations; Upholstery; Roof painting; Admission charges; Rotary lease of Supper Room; Removal of heater and replacement Supper Room; Vehicle crossing; Ms Martin Termination of lease; New tenant; Purchase of land; Battens on seats; Projection room; Supper Room charge; Wash-hand basin; Expo 1969; Ladies toilet; Jehovah's hire; Music festival hire; Extension of hours - Golf Ball; Civic Centre; Advertisement for managers; T H Boiles; Account for cleaning; Combined Services Ball; Films, Indian Society; Primary School hiring; Leaking roof; Rotary Club; Film showings (Merlo); Supper Room - Jaycee cupboard; Golf Club complaint; Hiring of; Returned Services' Association (RSA) booking; Liason Officer; Screen (ladies toilets)
Town Hall continued Stairway carpet; Film "Fire a Penny"; Painting and renovating; Lease Supper Room, Rotary; Supper Room roof, improvements; Rentals; Film showings (Pearce and others); Easton Reunion; Music Festival 1972; Prices; Letter thanks, C Pearce; Keys; Cinema Associates: Regan, testimonials, agreement etc; Ball extension of hours; Western Electronics - Service agreement; Fire Hoses etc; Film showings; Report
Town Planning - Miscellaneous Industrial zone; Subdivisional standards; Jehovah's Witnesses Clyde Street; Amendments; Recommend scheme; Horowhenua Electric Power Board; Minister's Certificate; Field's Norbiton Road; Porter and Martin; Manawatu County Council; Palmerston North Civic design; Charge of use (McDowell); Charge of use (Milk Processing); Notification of electrical work; Realignment of State Highway; Service lane; Hearing of objections; Council's objections; J Madderom; A Kluit; Anglican Church variation; F L Hayes, Avenue Road; A William, Avenue Road; Home hairdressing; Adjoining Foxton Hotel; J G Turk and H J Turk; Parking places; Operation of scheme; Symington and Co; New Zealand Woolpack Yard; Cars on Secs; Plan 29648 - sealed; Pt Sec 208 Union Street; D P Speirs
Town Planning - Miscellaneous continued Subdivision Hunt, Mills, and Anderson; Subdivision Mrs Felcynski; Big Tex; Carlton Industries Ltd; Charcoal Plant; Ex-railway houses; Porter and Martin (continued); Porter and Martin regarding Betteridge Permit; Porter and Martin R R Irons; Motel proposal Johnston Street; Departures; Berkhan; Highway motels; B Wallace
Town Planning - District Scheme Porter and Martin meeting; Departures
Traffic - Miscellaneous Parking - Main Street; Pedestrian crossing lighting; Give way signs pedestrian crossing; Moving Main Street pedestrian crossings; Cycle race; For Traffic Officer ction; 40 mile per hour sign; Angle parking; 30 miles per hour Brown and Howe Street; Off street parking Farrells; Suggestion regarding two hour parking; Parking: Memorial Hall lawn; Give way signs: Main and Park Streets, Avenue Road; Hitch hikers; Milk vendors; Cycling on footpath; Park Street and Robinson Street interSec; Derelict motor vehicles; Stop signs; Lead-in line; Closing of Main Street; Road markings; Parking Main Street; Horses on grass; Cycle races; Race horses; Stock route; Big Tex sign, cart; Pedestrian crossing: Coley Street School
Traffic - Traffic Officer's Reports  
Transport Department Traffic control refund; Learner plates; Lights on road works; Sign on office
U - Miscellaneous United textiles
V - Miscellaneous D N Hunt Council vacancy; Vietnam appeal; Victoria University "Cappicade", sale of; Victoria Street
Valuation Department Revised values
Valuations and Surveys Sewage Treatment Plant site
W - Miscellaneous Woolpack and Textiles regarding Lady's Mile pump; Wool scouring; Wellington Harbour Board representation; Warrants; Westrex; B Wallace
Wanganui Education Board Foxton Primary School new boiler house; Number Two School; Residence Coley Street
Water - Accounts Written off; Increase in cost to extraordinary accounts; Lady's Mile well (Woolpacks); Oxnams Timber Mill; Water meter readings
Water - General Water connection charge; Extraordinary J Vos; Leakages outside boundary; Gauge on tower; Hydrant painting; J A Williams, Purcell Street; Wells; Brown Street; Stedman, Union Street; Alkathene; A D Booth well report; State Highway hydrants; Southern Cross tearooms; Victoria Street Extension; Restrictions; Extraordinary - Machail; Bowling Club; 12 inch well; Golf Club; Death of goldfish; Repair pipe - Water Tower; Harbour Street well; Extension Coley Street; E T O'Dea; New Zealand Woolpack; Excess use, Oxnam; Testing of samples; Hydrant Coley Street; Water Tower - trees and concrete; Water Tower cracked pipes
Water - General continued Restrictions 1970/71; K Shailer, overflow; Reticulation, Victoria Street; Hydrants, State Highway One; Mains, Churchill Crescent and Huntly Street; Complaint, Perreau Place; Piping, Churchill Crescent; Water troughs; Main, Churchill Crescent; Stewart Street Well (Mr Pond); Water supply Easton Park; Treatment; Supply layby
Water Meter Installations Number Two School; Big Tex; S Thomas; Manawatu College; Foxton Primary School; Emery and Scott land; J Vos, Victoria Street; H E Robinson; Oxnams; A Gardy; Mr Hartland; G Vos (Vie Street)
Water Treatment Candy filters; W R Loader regarding Infilco's; Foundation tests for filters; Appointment Quantity Surveyor; Tender for pumps; Delay in contract; Woolpacks land; Main in Cook Street Extension; Plant Operator; Lime store; Tenders - electrical; Tenders - Plant; Tender prices; Plans received; Tenders building and reservoir; Loader's fees; Supplementary loan; Tender for water mains; Chemicals; Opening of plant; Mr Booth; Metal ladder; Security lighting; Gas masks; Borough Foreman special report; Retaining wall; Submersible pump (12 inch well); Defects; Town Clerk's reports; Trees at rear of; Faults, low level pump; Dust nuisance; Overtime by operator; Paterson Candy asked to report; Request for lights; Samples for testing; Safety ladders; Wastage of water
Water Treatment Plant continued Foreman's report; Reports A D Booth and Co; Costs; Low lift pump; Truebridge Association letter; Second pump; Chlorine storage; Chlorinator parts; Gantry; Leaking pipes; Special meeting; Motors on mixers; Sale of motor; Exhaust ducting (Mr Booth); Paterson Candy Report; De-gasser Tower; Aaron Contracting Co; Aerator quotes; Pressure pump switching; Mixing and settling chambers clean; Sludge pump; Health Department; Lime handling
Works Department General Sub-committee Works Programme; Work on Tractor; Part-time Operator; Work on grass by Fire Station; Mark Perreau Place footpath; Whyte Street mound in road; Herrington Street erosion; Corner Main Street and Wharf Street; Avenue Road (Miss Brewer); Cleaning Little Theatre; Sec; Safety lamps; Depot buildings; Grass cutting, town; Entrances

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