Aerial Photographs, Miscellaneous Horowhenua County Prints, Unnumbered

HDC 00366
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This series contains a collection of "one off" prints for various areas within the county. These ones were not formally part of the County numbering system, so have been created as a separate series.

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created by (RiC-R027): Horowhenua County Council
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Records in Aerial Photographs, Miscellaneous Horowhenua County Prints, Unnumbered

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Aerial Photograph Print, Kawiu Road HDC 00366:1:5 1965-04-15-1965-04-15
Aerial Photograph Print, Lake Papitonga HDC 00366:0:2 1957-01-15
Aerial Photograph Print, North Manakau Road HDC 00366:1:1 1957-04-09-1957-04-09
Aerial Photograph Print, Shannon County Borough and Surrounds HDC 00366:0:6 1972-05-02-1972-05-02
Aerial Photograph Transparency, Lindsay Road, Coastal End HDC 00366:1:3 1965-04-15-1965-04-15
Aerial Photograph Transparency, Moutere Hill (Waitarere/Hokio) HDC 00366:1:4 1965-04-15-1965-04-15
Aerial Photograph Transparency, Roslyn Road and The Avenue HDC 00366:1:7 1989-03-31-1989-03-31