Inwards Correspondence

HDC 00308
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This series contains inwards correspondence received by the Board. Some folders hold multiple letters all related to the same subject, while others only contain single letters.

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created by (RiC-R027): Wirokino Road Board
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Records in Inwards Correspondence

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Authority to Take Gravel from County Pit HDC 00308:1:1900/1 1900-1900
Board Resolution re raising loan and establishing a special rating district HDC 00308:1:1903/3 1903-1903
Buckley Drainage work HDC 00308:1:1902/2 1902-1903
Contract 104, Robinson's Drain HDC 00308:1:1903/2 1903-1903
Contract 97, construction of Tiro Tiro Road HDC 00308:1:1903/1 1903-1903
Erino Road, Proposed Loan HDC 00308:1:1901/2 1901-1901
Estimate for work on Oxford Street, G L R Scott HDC 00308:1:1894/1 1894-1894
List of Roads near Levin HDC 00308:1:1897/2 1897-1897
Memorandum of transfer, John Bradley to Board HDC 00308:1:1900/3 1900-1900
Petition to Wirokino Road Board re Railway Crossing, Makomako Road HDC 00308:1:1901/1 1901-1901
Proposed Addition to Board's Offices for Magistrates Clerk HDC 00308:1:1899/1 1899-1899
State Farm Pit, permission to take gravel HDC 00308:1:1900/2 1900-1900
Thirds HDC 00308:1:1897/1 1897-1897
Thirds HDC 00308:1:1898/1 1898-1898
Thirds HDC 00308:1:1902/1 1902-1902
Wards Account, allocation of balance HDC 00308:1:1898/2 1898-1898