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HDC 00314
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This series contains inwards correspondence received by the County. Some folders hold multiple letters all related to the same subject, while others only contain single letters.

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created by (RiC-R027): Horowhenua County Council
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2 Certificates of title for Otaki Cemetery HDC 00314:1:1895/2 1881-1881
A M Richardson, consent to gravel pit being opened on his land HDC 00314:2:1906/12 1906-1906
Abstract of Wages for men employed in Tokomaru Riding HDC 00314:4:1915/16 1915-1915
Accounts HDC 00314:3:1913/5 1913-1913
Accounts from Solicitor HDC 00314:3:1910/15 1910-1910
Acreage of county and amounts of rates levied HDC 00314:1:1896/1 1896-1896
Adjustment of loans under the Government Loans to Local Bodies Act, Amendment Act 1899 Opinion by Mr Stafford HDC 00314:1:1900/3 1900-1900
Agreement between George N Wood and Horowhenua County for supply of road metal HDC 00314:3:1912/12 1912-1912
Agreement between George N Wood and Horowhenua County for supply of road metal HDC 00314:3:1911/9 1911-1911
Agreement between Horowhenua County and Manawatu County with reference to Shannon Ferry HDC 00314:1:1891/1 1891-1891
Agreement between Horowhenua County and Wellington Manawatu Railway Company re Manakau overbridge HDC 00314:1:1890/5 1890-1890
Agreement between Horowhenua County Council and Manawatu County Council re Foxton Shannon Road HDC 00314:4:1915/1 1915-1915
Agreement between Horowhenua County, T H Ambrose Tremewan and Rowland Paul Haughton for sale of land to Council for a road HDC 00314:2:1904/8 1904-1904
Agreement between the Horowhenua County and William Gordon for lease of Section 22 Horowhenua Village Settlement HDC 00314:3:1912/8 1912-1912
Agreement by Enoka Te Wano, Rangatira, to sell Section 13 Pukehou 4G Otaki to Horowhenua County at £4 per acre HDC 00314:1:1890/2 1890-1891
Agreement by Hoani Taipua and Ropata Te Ao to allow Horowhenua County to remove gravel at Ohau HDC 00314:1:1889/5 1889-1889
Agreement for submission to arbitration, between Manawatu and Horowhenua Counties re Foxton Shannon Road HDC 00314:4:1914/4 1914-1914
Agreement J Ropata formation and metalling of roads in Gear Estate at Te Horo HDC 00314:3:1912/11 1912-1912
Agreement of sale of the exclusive rights of Burial for Plots 58 19x in the Otaki Public Cemetery, Otaki, Mrs Florence Mary Homan HDC 00314:2:1905/18 1905-1905
Agreement re Ranger, with W E Butler of Shannon HDC 00314:4:1914/7 1914-1914
Agreement Siefert re Road formation, Tokomaru HDC 00314:2:1906/15 1906-1906
Agreement to carry out works on land transferred to the Council by Timothy O'Rourke for a road HDC 00314:3:1910/13 1910-1910
Agreement with Frederick Bright, Otaki, for use of his premises by the County HDC 00314:1:1889/3 1889-1891
Agreement with George Phillips to lease Lot 69 DP 420 Manakau HDC 00314:4:1920/4 1920-1920
Agreement with H W Simes re Shannon Gravel Reserve HDC 00314:2:1904/14 1904-1904
Agreement with Railway Department, level crossing at Koputaroa HDC 00314:4:1918/3 1918-1918
Agreement with William Writer to purchase a Duplex Motor Truck Chassis from the County HDC 00314:4:1920/6 1920-1920
Agreement, F G Roe and P Bartholomew and R A Rolston and others re purchase of land HDC 00314:4:1916/2 1916-1916
Agreement, Horowhenua County with J W Egginton and others to raise a loan and add properties to the Buckley Drainage Board. HDC 00314:4:1916/3 1916-1916
Agreement, Kairanga County Council and the Horowhenua County Council re bridge on Main Road at North boundary HDC 00314:2:1906/14 1906-1906
Agreement, S J Birch, creek deviation HDC 00314:2:1907/17 1907-1907
Agreements to carry out the duties of Registrar of Dogs from Cecil Wooden, R Southee, W E Butter, Hubert Mead HDC 00314:4:1915/6 1915-1915
Ahern, progress payments for contract HDC 00314:1:1900/4 1900-1900
Annie Botting and W G Botting, agreement to Main County Road going through section HDC 00314:1:1890/4 1890-1890
Application and specification for postion of caretaker, Otaki River Fords by Wilson Rei HDC 00314:1:1897/3 1897-1897
Application for survey work Mangaone Road HDC 00314:2:1907/1 1907-1907
Application from A Ferguson for crossing for new cottage HDC 00314:3:1909/12 1909-1909
Application from Louis Seifert for road to be laid from Section 2A to Manawatu River HDC 00314:2:1906/10 1906-1906
Applications for position of County Engineer HDC 00314:2:1906/1 1906-1906
Applications for position of Ranger HDC 00314:2:1906/8 1906-1906
Applications for Ranger and Dog tax collector HDC 00314:3:1909/2 1909-1909
Applications for ranger from George Hupp, F Andersen and Cecil Wilson. HDC 00314:2:1905/14 1905-1905
Approval for £600 loan to metal Potts Road HDC 00314:4:1915/12 1915-1915
Arrangements for opening of Otaki Bridge HDC 00314:1:1901/7 1901-1901
Audit Office re Balance sheet HDC 00314:3:1911/16 1911-1911
Bond between Geoffrey Potts and Horowhenua County HDC 00314:3:1913/3 1913-1913
Bond for Nathaniel Lardner Jennings as Clerk, Collector and Treasurer to Horowhenua County HDC 00314:1:1886/1 1886-1886
Bond with John McCulloch to perform duties such as Clerk and Treasurer to the County HDC 00314:1:1887/2 1887-1887
Bond with John McCulloch to perform duties such as Clerk and Treasurer to the County HDC 00314:1:1888/1 1888-1888
Bond with John McCulloch to perform duties such as Clerk and Treasurer to the County HDC 00314:1:1890/3 1890-1893