Portrait Photographs, Mayors and Chairmen

HDC 00369
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Portrait photographs of mayor and chairmen from Horowhenua District Council and predecessor organisations. Photographs were removed from original frames in council chambers for preservation and storage, with facsimiles taking their place.

Source Accession Notes: A/2020/5

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created by (RiC-R027): Horowhenua District Council
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Photograp, Chairman Alexander Small, Esq. HDC 00369:1:3 1886-1886
Photograph, Chairman A J Gimblett HDC 00369:2:14 1947-1947
Photograph, Chairman A M Colquhoun HDC 00369:2:15 1947-1948
Photograph, Chairman Alex John Hadfield HDC 00369:1:1 1885-1885
Photograph, Chairman D K Guy HDC 00369:2:16 1950-1951
Photograph, Chairman F W Venn, Esq. TDC 00369:1:6 1898-1898
Photograph, Chairman G A Morris HDC 00369:1:13 1915-1916
Photograph, Chairman G N Stephenson, Esq. HDC 00369:1:9 1905-1906
Photograph, Chairman George Watson. Esq. HDC 00369:1:12 1909-1910
Photograph, Chairman H Freeman, Esq. HDC 00369:1:8 1902-1903
Photograph, Chairman H J Richards HDC 00369:1:5 1897 (year approximate)-1902 (year approximate)
Photograph, Chairman J F Guy HDC 00369:1:18 1986-1987
Photograph, Chairman J McLeavey, Esq. HDC 00369:1:11 1908-1909
Photograph, Chairman J S Blenkhorn HDC 00369:2:17 1969-1970
Photograph, Chairman James Prowse, Esq. HDC 00369:1:10 1906-1906
Photograph, Chairman John Davis, Esq. HDC 00369:1:7 1901-1902
Photograph, Chairman John Keeble, Esq. HDC 00369:1:2 1885 (year approximate)-1886 (year approximate)
Photograph, Chairman W H Simcox, Esq. HDC 00369:1:4 1887-1888
Photograph, District Mayor B J Duffy HDC 00369:2:21 2004-2005
Photograph, District Mayor M H Feyen HDC 00369:2:22 2016-2017
Photograph, District Mayor T F Robinson HDC 00369:2:20 1995-1996
Photograph, J F Guy HDC 00369:2:19 1989-1990