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This series concerns the Horowhenua County Council Waitarere County Town Committee Correspondence files

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Acccounts. Receipts. Payments. Accounting System. Time Sheets HDC 00004:2:WT28 1957-1971
Agendas. Order papers - Copies of. Re: Town Committee Meetings. Re: Standing Committee Meetings HDC 00004:2:WT13 1962-1971
Applications and Permission - Shop Days and Such Like HDC 00004:1:WT2 1956-1970
Carnival HDC 00004:2:WT32 1963-1964
Civil Defence HDC 00004:2:WT31 1964-1969
Community Centre. Hall. Picnic Areas. Childrens Play Area. 5 Acre Domain Block. Recreation. School Site HDC 00004:2:WT18 1955-1971
Conveniences and Dressing Sheds - Beach. Car Parking Area HDC 00004:2:WT23 1957-1964
Creek control. Catchment Board. Flooding. Wairawa Stream HDC 00004:2:WT27 1955-1956
Development and Planning. Beach Entrance Improvements and General HDC 00004:2:WT21 1955-1970
Fire Protection Services. Trailer Pump. Fire Fighting Personnel. A Hogg Declining Voluntary Service HDC 00004:1:WT11 1953-1971
Foreshore - Control of. Motorcycle Races. Toheroas - Damage to. HDC 00004:2:WT24 1956-1965
Levin Hospital Proposed HDC 00004:2:WT34 1968-1969
Library - Waitarere HDC 00004:2:WT15 1955-1965
Lighting. Electricity. Power Poles. Electric Light A/Cs HDC 00004:1:WT10 1955-1971
Miscellaneous matters. Valedictions. Dilapidated House. Stationary. Typewriter. State Advances Loan. Beach Charges. County ByLaws. Letters of Thanks. Car Parking Charges.\ HDC 00004:1:WT1 1956-1970
Motor Camp: Advertising Threat. Canteen. Postage Allowance - Caretakers. Letters of Appreciation; General: Purchase of Bennings Property. Insurance on Building HDC 00004:1:WT6 1955-1971
Noxious weeds. Shurbs and Trees. Dock (Climbing). Polars (Silver) HDC 00004:1:WT4 1957-1963
Nuisances - Dogs. Rabbits, Broken Glass. Horse Floats. Horses HDC 00004:2:WT26 1956-1969
Postal and Telephone Services, Post Office Site, House Numbers HDC 00004:2:WT12 1958-1968
Progressive Association - Meetings and Delegations with County and Town Committee HDC 00004:1:WT5 1958-1971
Publicity - publications HDC 00004:2:WT25 1957-1970
Rating. Estimates. Financial. High Pressure Water Supply. National Road Board Subsidies. Expenditure. Unexpended Monies. Reserve Account. HDC 00004:1:WT7 1955-1959
Rating. Estimates. Financial. High Pressure Water Supply. National Road Board Subsidies. Expenditure. Unexpended Monies. Reserve Account. HDC 00004:1:WT7 1960-1970
Rubbish Collections. Rubbish Tips. Rubbish Containers. Rubbising Dumping. HDC 00004:1:WT9 1955-1971
Scouts Hall HDC 00004:2:WT36 1969-1969
Sportsground (ie 5 Acre Domain). Rights of way. Access way. Reserves HDC 00004:2:WT22 1955-1971
Subdivisions HDC 00004:2:WT33 1963-1964
Surf club. Life Saving. Beach Fatalities. Carnivals. Dangers. Access HDC 00004:2:WT16 1955-1971
Tennis courts -. Agreement. Plan and General HDC 00004:2:WT20 1960-1971
Town Committee - Waitarere. Personnel Thereof - Resignations. Appointments, Illnesses, Leave. Public Meetings. Deputations. Election Results. Sub-Committees. Halls for Meetings. County Offer for Assitance in Administration HDC 00004:2:WT14 1955-1971
Tractor. use of. Charges for. HDC 00004:2:WT17 1956-1958
Traffic Regulations. Pedestrian Crossing. Speed Limits and Signs. Dangerous Traffic. Domain Beach ByLaws. Titahi Bay Beach ByLaws. Pedestrian Tally. Beach Traffic. Bus and Car Parking. HDC 00004:1:WT3 1956-1963
Transport, Workers Proposed HDC 00004:2:WT30 1963-1963
Tree planting. Beautifying. Shelter Belts. Sand Dunes, Arbor Day. Shrubs. HDC 00004:2:WT19 1956-1962
Works, Roading. HDC 00004:1:WT8 1958-1970
Works. Roading. Street names and Signs. Road Signs. Roading Standards. Beach Entrance. Obstructing trees and shrubs. Sea Erosion. Spare Spoil. Renaming Roads or Streets. Drainage HDC 00004:1:WT8 1955-1971