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Include documents concerning the abattoir, drainage, employees, gas works, tenancy and lease agreements, loans, waterworks, streets and subdivisions, purchase of milk round, insurance and certificates of title for land owned by council. Legal documents for the period 1966 to October 1989 are with the Manawatu District Council, Feilding.

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Legal Documents: Abattoir MDC 00070:1:1 1919-1948
Legal Documents: Certificates of Title MDC 00070:1:2 1963-1963
Legal Documents: Drainage MDC 00070:1:3 1906-1925
Legal Documents: Gasworks MDC 00070:1:6 1892-1940
Legal Documents: Insurance Policies MDC 00070:1:7 1904-1928
Legal Documents: Kerbside Pumps MDC 00070:1:8 1926-1936
Legal Documents: Loans MDC 00070:1:9 1906-1932
Legal Documents: Purchase of milk round MDC 00070:1:10 1955-1955
Legal Documents: re Employees MDC 00070:1:5 1908-1949
Legal Documents: Sale of electrical assets to Manawatu Oroua Electrical Power Board MDC 00070:1:4 1924-1924
Legal Documents: Streets and Subdivision MDC 00070:1:11 1927-1963
Legal Documents: Tenancy and Lease agreements MDC 00070:1:12 1892-1966
Legal Documents: Waterworks MDC 00070:1:13 1908-1925