Manawatu County Council General Ledgers

MDC 00418
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Contain a summarized record of receipts and expenditure under account headings. Volumes land 2 duplicates some information. Volume 6 is also the General Ledger for the Sandon-Carnarvon Road Board for the period April to August 1887, then becomes the General ledger for that part of the Manawatu County Council which was previously the Sandon-Carnarvon Highway District.

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created by (RiC-R027): Manawatu County Council
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Records in Manawatu County Council General Ledgers

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General Ledger MDC 00418:1:1 1877-1881
General Ledger MDC 00418:2:2 1878-1883
General Ledger MDC 00418:3:3 1881-1895
General Ledger MDC 00418:5:7 1907-1915
General Ledger MDC 00418:5:8 1915-1931
General Ledger MDC 00418:6:9 1935-1940
Manawatu County General Ledger (1887-1895), also Sandon and Carnavon Road Board General Ledger (1887) MDC 00418:4:6 1887-1895