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MDC 00116
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This series contains files created by the Manawatu County Council to manage town planning consent applications. This includes applications for consent for special departure, statuary declarations of compliance with requirements for a change of use application, and newspaper cuttings of notices of applications. Each application has its own file and the title contains the name of the person applying for the consent. The majority of the files start after 1969 and are closed off by 1988 when the Manawatu and Kairanga Counties amalgamated to form the first Manawatu District Council, though a small number of files hold papers before and after those dates.

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Records in Manawatu County Council Town Planning Files

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Appeal Board Hearing, K F Sim MDC 00116:1:A 1965-1966
Appeal Board Hearing, Turners Road Farm Ltd MDC 00116:1:B 1963-1967
Car Wrecking - Lots 90, 93, 94, Awahuri, H G Lucas MDC 00116:2:47 1970-1975
Cnr. Thames & Tyne Streets, Rongotea, Alfred Bruce and Betty Rose Withers MDC 00116:3:99 1982-1982
Competition Vehicle Noise Emission, Manawatu Car Club MDC 00116:1:10 1970-1990
Conditional Use - 1-5 Dundas Road, Sanson, John Richard and Carmen Elaine Hackclaw MDC 00116:4:139 1986-1993
Conditional Use - 29 Awahuri Road, Feilding, J N Shaw MDC 00116:5:145 1986-1986
Conditional Use - 46-48 Dundas Street, Sanson, Shell Gas NZ Ltd MDC 00116:3:98 1982-1984
Conditional Use - 7 hunia Terrace Himitangi Board , Melva Martin MDC 00116:4:134 1985-1991
Conditional Use - Awahuri - Feilding Road, Foley's Transport Ltd MDC 00116:5:152 1987-1987
Conditional Use - Cemetery Road, Sanson, Theo Van Geldere MDC 00116:3:84 1980-1982
Conditional Use - Corner of Rongotea, Rangiotu Road & Milner Road, P D Lourie MDC 00116:4:110 1983-1983
Conditional Use - Corner State Highway one and Himitangi Brad Road, Rockgas ltd MDC 00116:4:133 1985-1985
Conditional Use - Dundas Road, Sanson, Autogas Station (Sanson) Ltd MDC 00116:5:159 1988-1988
Conditional Use - Dundas Road, Sanson, Cobbs Way Station Ltd MDC 00116:4:104 1982-1982
Conditional Use - Ex Oroua Downs/Dairy Factory Himitangi - Sanson Highway, Village Enterprises Ltd MDC 00116:4:124 1982-1996
Conditional Use - Halcombe/Mount Stewart Road, I D L and C A Short MDC 00116:5:149 1987-1987
Conditional Use - Himitangi - Palmerston. North Highway, Mr K Ritchie MDC 00116:4:117 1984-1984
Conditional Use - Himitangi/Sanson Highway, S J R Scholcfield MDC 00116:5:142 1986-1987
Conditional Use - Kawa Kawa Road, Feilding, Kawa Wool Co Ltd MDC 00116:4:113 1983-1986
Conditional Use - Kawa Kawa Road, Pacific Cereals Ltd MDC 00116:4:135 1985-1986
Conditional Use - Koputara Road, R M A Wilson MDC 00116:3:79 1979-1980
Conditional Use - Mcdonell Road, Ohakea, H G A and J M Mitchell MDC 00116:3:80 1979-1980
Conditional Use - Medway Street, Rongotea, N2 Fine Sorage C/o M W Wanganui MDC 00116:5:147 1985-1986
Conditional Use - Mount Stewart, Halcombe Road, G J and B M Lupton MDC 00116:3:90 1981-1981
Conditional Use - Old Brickworks Site, Ranfurly Road - Feilding, Quality Sandblasters and Industrial Spraypainters Ltd MDC 00116:5:155 1988-1988
Conditional Use - Palmerston Street Awahuri, P McMilaren (Mr T H Gallur MDC 00116:4:132 1985-1985
Conditional Use - Phillips Street, Sanson, G J Taylor MDC 00116:3:89 1980-1981
Conditional Use - Sanson - Awahuri Highway Adjacent to the Awahuri Hall, Mr Jeffrey Watts MDC 00116:4:127 1984-1984
Conditional Use - State Highway 1, Himatangi, Basil Noel Arnott MDC 00116:3:83 1980-1982
Conditional Use - State Highway 56, Himitangi, Barbara L Purvis MDC 00116:5:156 1988-1988
Conditional Use - State Highway 56, Rangiotu, I P and R J H Harris MDC 00116:3:100 1982-1984
Conditional Use - Taikorea Road, E Lister MDC 00116:4:109 1982-1983
Conditional Use - Wightmans Road, Estate P Winiata (M U and D C Brown) MDC 00116:4:111 1983-1984
Conditional Use and Specified Departure - S.H. 56 Bainesse, L H and E A Ellis MDC 00116:5:150 1987-1987
Conditional Use, 63-65 Dundas Road, Sanson, La Jana International Ltd MDC 00116:4:108 1983-1983
Conditional Use, A W Flanaoan MDC 00116:1:28 1974-1974
Conditional Use, B B and E M Husband MDC 00116:2:42 1971-1976
Conditional Use, C C Duker MDC 00116:2:63 1978-1980
Conditional Use, D A S Anderson MDC 00116:2:51 1976-1976
Conditional Use, Earthmovers (Waikato) Ltd MDC 00116:1:31 1974-1975
Conditional Use, G A and H M Walls MDC 00116:1:32 1975-1975
Conditional Use, H B Smith MDC 00116:2:43 1975-1976
Conditional Use, Lim Young MDC 00116:2:66 1978-1978
Conditional Use, M G Burling MDC 00116:2:53 1976-1976
Conditional Use, M L and S J Avery MDC 00116:1:22 1973-1973
Conditional Use, Manawatu Car Club MDC 00116:2:48 1976-1976
Conditional Use, Manawatu Transport Ltd MDC 00116:1:2 1967-1969
Conditional Use, Roman Catholic Archbishop MDC 00116:2:59 1977-1978
Conditional Use, Rongotea and District Arts and Crafts Centre MDC 00116:2:55 1976-1977