Oroua County Council Inward and Outward Correspondence in Subject Files (4th series)

MDC 00020
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This series contains the main subject files of the Oroua County Council. The system appears to have been started in the 1950s. Subjects includes Agenda for meetings, reports, and election records, licence applications, copies of district scheme plans and civil defence plans. Please note that the Ashhurst related files were removed in 1989 and passed to Palmerston North City Council. In the 1990s these files were reorganised alphabetically by subject and had their file covers removed and destroyed. As part of the work done on the archives in 2011 the original order was re-established and they have be organised by file number. The files in this series had also been arranged into two separate series (3/2/10 and 3/2/11). In 2011 they were combined as the files in both had belonged to part of the same original file system.

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Records in Oroua County Council Inward and Outward Correspondence in Subject Files (4th series)

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Accounts MDC 00020:1:A1/1 1969-1978
Advertising MDC 00020:1:A2 1957-1961
Advertising MDC 00020:1:A2 1959-1974
Advertising MDC 00020:1:A2 1973-1982
Advertising MDC 00020:1:A2 1983-1988
Advertising MDC 00020:1:A2 1987-1989
Agriculture - Department Of MDC 00020:1:A19 1959-1976
Archives MDC 00020:1:A12 1954-1989
Audit Department MDC 00020:2:A20 1966-1988
B - Miscellaneous MDC 00020:2:B1 1954-1960
B - Miscellaneous MDC 00020:2:B1 1961-1967
B - Miscellaneous and index MDC 00020:2:B1 1968-1985
Baltrop Cobbe And Evans - General MDC 00020:2:B2 1970-1986
Banking MDC 00020:3:B10 1964-1984
Banking - ANZ MDC 00020:1:A16 1985-1989
Banking - Eastern And Central MDC 00020:5:E4 1963-1983
Building Permit Register MDC 00020:8:H2/1 1954-1975
Building Permit Register MDC 00020:8:H2/1 1978-1987
Building Permit Returns MDC 00020:8:H2/1 1987-1989
Building Permits (Special Dispensations) MDC 00020:3:B4 1974-1989
Building Permits - Building Research Levy MDC 00020:3:B4/1 1983-1989
Bunnythorpe & Districts Progressive Association MDC 00020:3:B7 1981-1985
Bunnythorpe Services Committee - General MDC 00020:3:B9 1983-1989
Bunnythorpe Township - General MDC 00020:3:B8 1980-1988
Bylaws MDC 00020:3:B5 1973-1989
C Miscellaneous MDC 00020:3:C1 1964-1969
C Miscellaneous MDC 00020:3:C1 1969-1978
C Miscellaneous and index MDC 00020:3:C1 1954-1964
Catchment Board - Manawatu MDC 00020:12:M14 1957-1974
Catchment Board - Manawatu MDC 00020:12:M14 1975-1985
Catchment Board Rangitikei MDC 00020:17:R16 1952-1977
Catchment Board Rangitikei MDC 00020:17:R16 1978-1985
Catchment Boards - Central Districts MDC 00020:4:C14 1989-1989
Catchment Boards - Rangitikei-Wanganui MDC 00020:17:R16 1985-1988
Cemeteries - General MDC 00020:4:C2 1989-1989
Cemetery Boards - General MDC 00020:3:C2 1954-1986
Centennial - Manchester Block 1974 MDC 00020:12:M7 1970-1981
Chairman & Councillors MDC 00020:4:C4 1956-1977
Circulars To Ratepayers MDC 00020:4:C5 1980-1988
Civil Defence MDC 00020:4:C6 1964-1984
Civil Defence MDC 00020:4:C6 1984-1989
Clean Air Act - General MDC 00020:4:C12 1972-1988
Commonwealth Games 1990 MDC 00020:14:N20 1988-1989
Computers MDC 00020:4:C11 1982-1985
Council - Councillors' And Chairman - General MDC 00020:4:C9 1983-1987
Council - Councillors' Notices MDC 00020:4:C4 1963-1989
Council - Special Orders MDC 00020:19:S9 1977-1979
Dog Registration - General MDC 00020:6:F8 1963-1965
Domains and Reserves - Ferry Reserve MDC 00020:5:F2 1954-1981
Domains and Reserves -Bunnythorpe MDC 00020:3:B11 1984-1989