Oroua County Council Meeting Minutes

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Bound volumes of minutes of the meetings of the council although the first minutes record a meeting held in the Manchester Road Board office (September 1903) and show the election of a chairman, treasurer and clerk of the County to commence upon the merging of the Manchester Road Board into the county, there are no minutes held for the County before 1903. Volumes 1 – 4 are handwritten, later volumes include minutes of the Ashhurst Village Valley Centre, Ashhurst District Community Council, Ashhurst Domain Management Committee, Ashhurst Community Hall Building Committee, Bunnythorpe Services Committee, Bunnythorpe Urban Drainage Subcommittee, Works Committee, Town and Planning Committee, Finance Committee, Reserves planting committee, Stanway-Halcombe Rural Water Supply Committee, Tree Planting Committee, Reserves Committee, Participants of the Oroua No 1 Water Supply, Hiwinui Water Scheme Committee, Noxious weeds subcommittee, Consultative Committee on Recreation and Sport, Weeds Committee, and the Public Library Investigations Committee Minutes also include summaries of annual receipts and expenditures and estimates, and reports from the engineer, treasurer, weeds inspector and works superintendent. The first minute book includes minutes of the Manchester Road Board for 1900-1903.

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