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The Manawatu District Council was formed in 1989 from an amalgamation of the first Manawatu District Council, Pohangina County Council, Kiwitea County Council, Feilding Borough Council and most of the Oroua County Council (excluding Ashhurst, which joined with Palmerston North City Council). The Manawatu District Council Collection contains the records of these numerous predecessor organisations and earlier road boards and town boards that operated within the current district boundaries from 1876-1989.

The types of records found in the Manawatu archives include:

  • Accounts and financial records;
  • Aerial photographs;
  • Correspondence files;
  • Electoral rolls;
  • Engineering Plans;
  • Letter Books;
  • Historical Maps;
  • Minute books and other meeting papers;
  • Permits;
  • Rate books and valuation rolls


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Title Sort descending Identifier (RiC-A22) Dates
Sandon and Carnavon Roads Board General Ledgers MDC 00475 1881-1887
Sandon and Carnavon Roads Board Meeting Minutes MDC 00474 1881-1887
Sandon Cemetery Certificates of Purchase of Burial Sites MDC 00447 1933-1989
Sandon Public Park Board - Hall Committee Minute Books MDC 00197 1937-1940
Sandon Public Park Board - Town Hall Rent Book (1933-1953), also entries for Sanson Cemetery Board (1933-1937) MDC 00200 1933-1953
Sandon Public Park Board Cash Books MDC 00201 1895-1982
Sandon Public Park Board correspondence files (includes Sandon Public Hall) MDC 00198 1895-1975
Sandon Public Park Improvement Committee Minute Book MDC 00199 1946-1949
Sanson Hall and Domain Committee Correspondence MDC 00203 1980-1991
Sanson Hall and Domain Committee Minutes of Meetings MDC 00202 1977-1992
Subject Files of the Health and Building Inspector [1st sequence] MDC 00019 1950-1979
Subject Files of the Health and Building Inspector [2nd sequence] MDC 00120 1963-1991
Taikorea Hall Committee Correspondence File MDC 00461 1967-1973
Tangimoana Community Council Outward Correspondence MDC 00061 1975-1983
Tangimoana Domain Board Minutes MDC 00462 1924-1984
Tangimoana Domain Board Outward Letter Books MDC 00463 1981-1984
Tangimoana Domain Board Receipts and Expenditure Cash Book MDC 00464 1959-1984
Transcript of the Diary of Colonel William Henry Adelbert Feilding MDC 00545 1871-05-12-1872-03-21
Valuation Rolls MDC 00378 1895-1954
Valuation Rolls MDC 00484 1950-1954
Valuation Slips MDC 00476 1955-1988
Valuation slips for County Reserve land MDC 00270 1979-1989
Wages sheets and Treasury Vouchers for unemployment relief scheme MDC 00148 1931-1932
Waituna West Cemetery Committee Minute Book and letter Book MDC 00279 1952-1970