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The Manawatū District Council was formed in 1989 from an amalgamation of the first Manawatū District Council, Pohangina County Council, Kiwitea County Council, Feilding Borough Council and most of the Oroua County Council (excluding Ashhurst, which joined with Palmerston North City Council). The Manawatū District Council Collection contains the records of these numerous predecessor organisations and earlier road boards and town boards that operated within the current district boundaries from 1876-1989.

The types of records found in the Manawatū archives include:

  • Accounts and financial records;
  • Aerial photographs;
  • Correspondence files;
  • Electoral rolls;
  • Engineering Plans;
  • Letter Books;
  • Historical Maps;
  • Minute books and other meeting papers;
  • Permits;
  • Rate books and valuation rolls


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Title Sort descending Identifier (RiC-A22) Dates
Feilding Borough Council Rate Arrears Books MDC 00227 1935-1972
Feilding Borough Council Rate Assessment Sheets MDC 00066 1980-1990
Feilding Borough Council Rate Books MDC 00224 1881-1960
Feilding Borough Council Rate Cards MDC 00225 1960-1980
Feilding Borough Council Rate Demand Books MDC 00226 1910-1918
Feilding Borough Council Receipts and Payments Cash Books MDC 00212 1881-1913
Feilding Borough Council Receipts Cash Book MDC 00213 1903-1912
Feilding Borough Council Staff Wage Cards MDC 00166 1968-1989
Feilding Borough Council Unnumbered Contract Files MDC 00184 1902-1924
Feilding Borough Council Unregistered Files MDC 00111 1946-1989
Feilding Borough Council Valuation Lists MDC 00228 1884-1895
Feilding Borough Council Valuation Roll Books MDC 00229 1902-1949
Feilding Borough Council Vehicle and Drivers Licence books MDC 00171 1901-1926
Feilding Borough Council Wages and Overtime Book MDC 00221 1912-1917
Feilding Borough Council Wages Ledger MDC 00222 1958-1965
Feilding Borough Council Warrants to Sexton to Inter MDC 00179 1903-1911
Feilding Borough Council Water and Sewerage Scheme Contracts MDC 00183 1904-1905
Feilding Borough Council Weekly Wage Cards MDC 00167 1944-1958
Feilding Borough Council Wholesale Licence book MDC 00172 1906-1949
Feilding Borough Council, Booklet for Thanksgiving Service Upon The Cessation of Hostilities in Europe [WWII] MDC 00448 1945-05-09
Feilding Borough Council, Engineers files MDC 00006 1896-1983
Feilding Cemetery Trustees Minute Book MDC 00180 1882-1882
Feilding Clock Tower Architectural Plans MDC 00543 1999-1999
Feilding Milk Authority Association Committee Minutes MDC 00207 1945-1967
Feilding Recreation Centre Association General Correspondence File MDC 00132 1962-1971
Feilding Recreational Centre Association Minute Book MDC 00236 1962-1970
Feilding Technical High School Architectural Plans MDC 00531 1915-1921
General Correspondence File of the Manawatu County Ratepayers Association MDC 00064 1939-1939
General Correspondence File of the Tangimoana Community Council MDC 00062 1971-1983
Halcombe Cemetery Board Annual Financial Statements MDC 00552 1972-1990
Halcombe Cemetery Board Correspondence MDC 00553 1975-1979
Halcombe Cemetery Board Minute Book MDC 00550 1913-1980
Halcombe Cemetery Cash Book MDC 00551 1887-1990
Halcombe Public Cemetery Rules and Regulations MDC 00554 1913-08-15-1913-08-15
Halcombe Town Board Balance Sheets MDC 00328 1900-1911
Halcombe Town Board Inward and Outward Correspondence MDC 00325 1901-1912
Halcombe Town Board Meeting Minutes MDC 00324 1880-1909
Halcombe Town Board Outward Correspondence Letterpress book MDC 00326 1890-1897
Halcombe Town Board Outward Correspondence Letters MDC 00327 1909-1912
Halcombe Town Board Rate Books MDC 00329 1880-1913
Halcombe Town Board Rate Demand MDC 00330 1911-1911
Halcombe Town Board Rates Accounts MDC 00331 1901-1912
Halcombe Town Board valuation rolls of the district of Halcombe MDC 00332 1903-1912
Himitangi Beach Domain Board Inward and Outward Correspondence MDC 00456 1947-1955
Himitangi Beach Domain Board Minute Book MDC 00455 1949-1955
Himitangi Beach Domain Board Receipts and Expenditure Cash Book MDC 00457 1950-1955
Index Maps for Aerial Photograph Series MDC 00520 1977-1991
Index to Council Minute Books MDC 00247 1925-1989
Kairanga County Council District Scheme Reviews MDC 00536 1960-1984
Kairanga County Council Subdivision Files MDC 00113 1946-2003