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The Manawatū District Council was formed in 1989 from an amalgamation of the first Manawatū District Council, Pohangina County Council, Kiwitea County Council, Feilding Borough Council and most of the Oroua County Council (excluding Ashhurst, which joined with Palmerston North City Council). The Manawatū District Council Collection contains the records of these numerous predecessor organisations and earlier road boards and town boards that operated within the current district boundaries from 1876-1989.

The types of records found in the Manawatū archives include:

  • Accounts and financial records;
  • Aerial photographs;
  • Correspondence files;
  • Electoral rolls;
  • Engineering Plans;
  • Letter Books;
  • Historical Maps;
  • Minute books and other meeting papers;
  • Permits;
  • Rate books and valuation rolls


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Title Sort descending Identifier (RiC-A22) Dates
Kiwitea County Council Loans and Contractors Deposits Ledger MDC 00260 1896-1903
Kiwitea County Council Minutes of meetings of the Social Club MDC 00291 1960-1979
Kiwitea County Council Miscellaneous Inward and Outward Correspondence MDC 00190 1910-1926
Kiwitea County Council Miscellaneous Inward Correspondence (1st series) MDC 00185 1901-1902
Kiwitea County Council Miscellaneous Inward Correspondence (2nd series) MDC 00186 1903-1928
Kiwitea County Council Newspaper Clippings of Public Notices MDC 00276 1904-1957
Kiwitea County Council Occupiers consent to expenditure of Thirds and Fourths MDC 00051 1903-1908
Kiwitea County Council Outward Correspondence from County Engineer MDC 00189 1907-1921
Kiwitea County Council Payroll Master file Dumps MDC 00265 1982-1989
Kiwitea County Council Plant and Machinery Operating Reports Computer Printouts MDC 00263 1981-1982
Kiwitea County Council Pound Registers MDC 00290 1893-1932
Kiwitea County Council Rate Assessment Books MDC 00055 1982-1990
Kiwitea County Council Rate Books MDC 00266 1903-1982
Kiwitea County Council Rate Cards MDC 00054 1951-1982
Kiwitea County Council Receipts and Payments Cash Books MDC 00249 1894-1903
Kiwitea County Council Receipts Cash Books MDC 00250 1900-1946
Kiwitea County Council Rents and Reserves Ledger MDC 00255 1914-1924
Kiwitea County Council Rents Ledger MDC 00256 1924-1989
Kiwitea County Council Ridings ledger MDC 00258 1910-1912
Kiwitea County Council Schedules of Hypothecated Thirds and Fourths MDC 00052 1895-1920
Kiwitea County Council Special Rates Book MDC 00268 1906-1948
Kiwitea County Council Special Rating Districts Book MDC 00267 1894-1909
Kiwitea County Council Thirds, Loans and Land Fund Account Ledger MDC 00259 1908-1928
Kiwitea County Council Thirds, Roads and Loans Ledger MDC 00257 1893-1910
Kiwitea County Council Timesheets MDC 00038 1910-1939
Kiwitea County Council Unused Cheques, Bank of New Zealand, Kimbolton Branch MDC 00053 1900 (year approximate)-1900 (year approximate)
Kiwitea County Council Vouchers re Payment of Wages MDC 00264 1906-1907
Kiwitea County Council Wages cards for Employees MDC 00043 1975-1979
Kiwitea County Council, Seaton Sladden and Pavitt bridge files MDC 00047 1931-1956
Kiwitea County District Scheme Reviews MDC 00104 1976-1988
Kiwitea County No 1 Water Supply Scheme MDC 00105 1960-1985
Kiwitea County No 2 (Waituna West) Water Supply Schemes MDC 00106 1979-1985
Kiwitea County Public Hall Hire Records MDC 00103 1974-1989
Kiwitea Rates Cash Book MDC 00269 1925-1930
Kiwitea Road Board Account from Goodbehere and Richmond, Solicitors for Kiwitea Road Board and then the Kiwitea County Council MDC 00159 1893-1895
Kiwitea Road Board Agreements to lease land from Road Board MDC 00162 1893-1893
Kiwitea Road Board Balance Sheet Files MDC 00156 1884-1888
Kiwitea Road Board Bank Books for accounts with the Bank of Australasian MDC 00292 1889-1901
Kiwitea Road Board Copy of cash book MDC 00157 1885-1888
Kiwitea Road Board Form of voting paper MDC 00161 1883-1883-06-11
Kiwitea Road Board Inward Correspondence MDC 00155 1884-1894
Kiwitea Road Board List of Contractors Deposits Received and Paid MDC 00158 1885-1887
Kiwitea Road Board Rate Book MDC 00293 1883-1890
Kiwitea Road District list of Crown Land MDC 00160 1887-1891
Kiwitea Road District Valuation Roll MDC 00294 1886-1886
Makino Hall Committee Cash Book MDC 00549 1944-1952
Makino Hall Committee Correspondence MDC 00546 1931-1981
Makino Hall Committee Financial Records MDC 00548 1935-1952
Makino Hall Committee Minute Books MDC 00547 1934-1964
Manawatu Council Council Minutes of Rongotea Improvement Society, Rongotea County Township Committee and Ratepayers Meetings MDC 00470 1950-1989