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The Manawatū District Council was formed in 1989 from an amalgamation of the first Manawatū District Council, Pohangina County Council, Kiwitea County Council, Feilding Borough Council and most of the Oroua County Council (excluding Ashhurst, which joined with Palmerston North City Council). The Manawatū District Council Collection contains the records of these numerous predecessor organisations and earlier road boards and town boards that operated within the current district boundaries from 1876-1989.

The types of records found in the Manawatū archives include:

  • Accounts and financial records;
  • Aerial photographs;
  • Correspondence files;
  • Electoral rolls;
  • Engineering Plans;
  • Letter Books;
  • Historical Maps;
  • Minute books and other meeting papers;
  • Permits;
  • Rate books and valuation rolls


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Title Sort descending Identifier (RiC-A22) Dates
Oroua County Council National Roads Board Claims Ledger MDC 00310 1982-1989
Oroua County Council Outstanding Rates Arrears Book MDC 00315 1902-1983
Oroua County Council Payments Cash Books MDC 00300 1908-1982
Oroua County Council Payroll Master File dumps MDC 00312 1982-1989
Oroua County Council Permit Form Books for Plumbing and Drainage Work and Advice of Completion of Work MDC 00317 1968-1989
Oroua County Council Plant Depreciation Ledger MDC 00304 1941-1965
Oroua County Council Plant Operating Ledgers MDC 00303 1930-1982
Oroua County Council Plant Operating Reports MDC 00309 1982-1989
Oroua County Council Rate and Valuation Cards MDC 00012 1963-1983
Oroua County Council Rate Assessment Sheets MDC 00013 1983-1990
Oroua County Council Rate Books MDC 00313 1901-1963
Oroua County Council Rate Cash Book MDC 00314 1901-1930
Oroua County Council Receipts Cash Books MDC 00301 1930-1978
Oroua County Council Rural Housing Loans MDC 00117 1966-1990
Oroua County Council Subdivision Files MDC 00119 1938-1995
Oroua County Council Town and Country Planning Files MDC 00118 1934-2006
Oroua County Council Unregistered Files MDC 00122 1930-1989
Oroua County Council Valuation Roll Books MDC 00316 1904-1953
Oroua County Council Wages Ledgers MDC 00311 1948-1982
Plan of Kimbolton Cemetery MDC 00137 1929-1929
Pohangina Cemetery Board Cash Book MDC 00393 1892-1924
Pohangina Cemetery Certificate of purchase of burial site MDC 00391 1934-1981
Pohangina Cemetery Plans MDC 00392 1910-1910
Pohangina County Council Agendas for Meetings MDC 00032 1944-1989
Pohangina County Council Agreements to Lease County Property MDC 00072 1894-1934
Pohangina County Council Annual Accounts and Balance Sheets MDC 00034 1895-1989
Pohangina County Council Billiard Room Licence Book of Stubs MDC 00384 1927-1965
Pohangina County Council Building Permit Form Books MDC 00379 1936-1984
Pohangina County Council Cheque Books of Stubs MDC 00367 1894-1897
Pohangina County Council Claims Ledger MDC 00366 1968-1973
Pohangina County Council Contract Files MDC 00124 1950-1989
Pohangina County Council Contract Ledgers MDC 00362 1893-1983
Pohangina County Council Correspondence MDC 00164 1933-1951
Pohangina County Council District Schemes MDC 00537 1970-1982
Pohangina County Council Dog Registers MDC 00388 1901-1981
Pohangina County Council Engineers Letterpress copybook of outward correspondence MDC 00354 1910-1919
Pohangina County Council File copies of outward correspondence MDC 00033 1945-1950
Pohangina County Council General Ledger Expenditure Reports and Expenditure Analysis Reports MDC 00368 1983-1986
Pohangina County Council General Ledgers MDC 00359 1895-1983
Pohangina County Council General Rate Books MDC 00374 1894-1963
Pohangina County Council Goods cart licence book of stubs MDC 00382 1906-1911
Pohangina County Council Holiday Book MDC 00372 1944-1963
Pohangina County Council Index to Inward Correspondence Paste books MDC 00352 1896-1903
Pohangina County Council Inward and Outward Correspondence in Subject Files (1st Series) MDC 00022 1918-1944
Pohangina County Council Inward and Outward Correspondence in Subject Files (2nd Series) MDC 00023 1944-1969
Pohangina County Council Inward and Outward Correspondence in Subject Files (3rd Series) MDC 00030 1927-1985
Pohangina County Council Inward and Outward Correspondence in Subject Files (4th Series) MDC 00031 1985-1989
Pohangina County Council Inward Correspondence Paste Books MDC 00351 1896-1905
Pohangina County Council Legal files and documents MDC 00073 1881-1972
Pohangina County Council Letterpress Copybooks of General Outward Correspondence MDC 00353 1907-1917