Aerial Photograph Print, Feilding, Sheet 90034

MDC 00487:0:90034
Descriptive Note

Dated 10 June 1942.

Shows the area covered by the following modern day streets: Almond Grove, Andrew Street, Antree Court, Aorangi Road, Aorangi Street, Aotea Street, Ascot Court, Ashdown Crescent, Astrada Court, Attlee Palce, Awahuri Feilding Road, Awahuri Road, Awahuri Street, Bailley Street, Beattie Street, Bowen Street, Camden Street, Campbell Street, Cargill Street, Caroline Drive, Carthew Street, Ceder Crescent, Chamberlain Street, Chelsea Court, Cheviot Place, Church Street, Churcher Street, Churchill Avenue, Cobbe Crescent, Cobham Way, Collins Crescent, Cornish Place, Coronation Street, Cullinane Avenue, Dalzien Place, Denbigh Street, Derby Street, Dewe Avenue, Duke Street, East Street, Eastview Place, Edmay Street, Ellerslea Lane, Elly Court, Erye Street, Eyre Street, Fair Crescent, Fauchelle Court, Fergusson Street, Ferndale Place, Fitzroy Street, Freyberg Street, Giesen Road, Gladstone Street, Glasgow Terrace, Goodbehere Street, Grey Street, Haggitt Street, Halcombe Road, Hannah Court, Harding Place, Harford Street, Harper Mews, Harris Street, Haybittle Street, Highfield Road, Hillview Place, Hobson Street, Homelands Avenue, Kaimera Court, Kawakawa Road, Keith Elliot Street, Kennedy Avenue, Kimbolton Road, King Street, Lethbridge Street, Lytton Street, Macarthur Street, Mahinui Street, Makino Road, Manchester Square, Manchester Street, Marlborough Street, McClure Street, McCorkindale Street, Monckton Street, Monmouth Street, Montagu Street, Montgomery Street, Mountfort Grove, Murihau Place, Nelson Street, Norrie Street, North Street, Oakeley Place, Ongley Street, Osborne Terrace, Owen Street, Parkview Avenue, Perreau Court, Pirinoa Street, Poole Street, Poplar Grove, Port Street East, Port Street West, Prince Street; Halleys Court, Pryde Place, Puketiro Drive, Queen Street, Ranfurly Road, Range View Road, Ranui Place, Rata Street, Roots Street, Russell Street, Sandilands Street, Sandon Road, Sandstrom Grove, Shelton Place, Sherwill Street, Sherwill Street East, South Street, Stafford Street, Stonebridge Heights, Sunrise Heights, Tate Place, Taylor Avenue, Tingey Avenue, Tiritoa Terrace, Totara Lane, Trewin Street, Tui Mill Grove, Turners Road, Ursula Drive, Victoria Court, Virginia Crescent, Vista Drive, Warwick Street, Weld Street, Wellesley Street, Wellington Street, West Street, Westwind Place, Wild Street, Willhart Court, Willowbank Crescent, Windsor Terrace, Woodland Grove, York Street.

Shows the following landmarks: Rimu Park, Victoria Park, Feilding Agricultural High School, Lytton Street School, Manchester Street School, St Joseph's School, Kowhai Park, Manfeild Park, Feilding Saleyards.

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held by (RiC-R039i): Feilding Borough Council
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MDC 00487
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Oroua River

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