Aerial Mosaics, Pohangina District Noxious Plant Authority

MDC 00501
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Aerial photographs purchased by the Pohangina County Council which cover the Pohangina District Noxious Plant Authority. All maps show place, river and road names.

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held by (RiC-R039i): Pohangina County Council
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Records in Aerial Mosaics, Pohangina District Noxious Plant Authority

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Aerial Mosaic, Apiti, sheet N139/9 (first edition) MDC 00501:0:N139/9 1952-02-1959-11
Aerial Mosaic, Ashhurst, sheet N149/2 (first edition) MDC 00501:0:N149/2 1949-05-1951-07
Aerial Mosaic, Kimbolton, sheet N144/2 (first edition) MDC 00501:0:N144/2 1946-10-1952-10
Aerial Mosaic, Kiwitea, sheet N144/5 (first edition) MDC 00501:0:N144/5 1946-10-1952-10
Aerial Mosaic, Makiekie, sheet N144/6 (first edition) MDC 00501:0:N144/6 1946-10-1952-10
Aerial Mosaic, Ohietapu, sheet N144/9 (first edition) MDC 00501:0:N144/9 1946-10-1952-09
Aerial Mosaic, Otumore, sheet N140/7 (first edition) MDC 00501:0:N140/7 1950-11-1959-11
Aerial Mosaic, Pohangina, sheet N144/8 (first edition) MDC 00501:0:N144/8 1946-10-1952-09
Aerial Mosaic, Utuwai, sheet N144/3 (first edition) MDC 00501:0:N144/3 1946-10-1952-10