Kairanga County Council Subdivision Files

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This series contains subdivision files created by the Kairanga County Council. As originally formed, county councils had very little to do with subdivisions and the government Lands and Surveys Department was responsible for monitoring and approving subdivisions within counties. It wasn’t until the Land Subdivisions in Counties Act 1946 that provisions were made for counties to comment on subdivisions, but this did not give them the same authority that borough and city councils had. They didn’t receive those powers until the passing of the Counties Amendment Act 1961. The files in this series start in 1946, although the bulk of the files are dated after 1960. In 1988 the Kairanga and Manawatu Counties amalgamated to form the first Manawatu District Council. The Kairanga subdivision file system continued to be used and added to by the District Council. Following the 1989 amalgamations this series was closed off, although a small number of files have papers on them after this. Most of the Kairanga County archives were transferred to Palmerston North City Council, and only those records that directly related to areas outside the City were kept by the new Manawatu District Council.

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Records in Kairanga County Council Subdivision Files

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Subdivision DP 14507: Aorangi No 2, Crown MDC 00113:1:38 1949-1950
Subdivision DP 15093: Bunnythorpe/Kairanga road, W A Matheson MDC 00113:1:46 1950-1951
Subdivision DP 18013: Waldegraves Road, C W Shirriffs MDC 00113:1:130 1955-1955
Subdivision DP 18505: Kairanga, G A Patterson MDC 00113:1:164 1957-1957
Subdivision DP 18854: Roberts Line, N Osten MDC 00113:1:135 1955-1957
Subdivision DP 18947: Karere, A Grigor and M T Dearsley MDC 00113:1:158 1956-1956
Subdivision DP 18956: Richardsons Line, Rangitikei Line, Fairs Road, Milsons Line, Tremaine Avenue, B C Eglinton MDC 00113:1:149 1956-1956
Subdivision DP 18977: Rangitikei Line, O J Lancaster MDC 00113:1:151 1956-1956
Subdivision DP 19072: Camerons Line and Milson Line, N P Pedersen MDC 00113:1:150 1956-1956
Subdivision DP 19372: Jackeytown Road, S Nielsen MDC 00113:1:153 1956-1957
Subdivision DP 19513: Camerons Line and Milson Line, A M Talbot MDC 00113:1:166 1957-1957
Subdivision DP 19684: Aorangi Road and Longburn Campbelltown Road, W A Thomson MDC 00113:1:169 1957-1957
Subdivision DP 20018: Upper Aorangi No 1, B T Bishop MDC 00113:1:174 1958-1960
Subdivision DP 20434: Newbury Line and Gillespie Line, O H Prouse MDC 00113:1:182 1958-1958
Subdivision DP 20658: Cloverlea Road, J Budd MDC 00113:1:191 1958-1968
Subdivision DP 20717: Milson Line and Kairanga Bunnythorpe Road, J Linklater MDC 00113:1:180 1958-1958
Subdivision DP 20719: Kairanga Bunnythorpe Road, Penhurst Farming Co ltd MDC 00113:1:184 1958-1958
Subdivision DP 20858: Reserve Road, Kairanga Co-Op Dairy Co MDC 00113:1:195 1958-1958
Subdivision DP 21004: Feilding Aorangi Main Highway, M L Taylor MDC 00113:2:224 1959-1959
Subdivision DP 21008: Foxton Palmerston North Road, M W & L F M Cooksley MDC 00113:1:193 1958-1959
Subdivision DP 21063: Kairanga Bunnythorpe Road, P Eglinton MDC 00113:1:192 1958-1959
Subdivision DP 21151: Kai Iwi Road and Camerons Line, F S Lewer MDC 00113:1:196 1958-1959
Subdivision DP 21815: Kairanga, W A E Laurie MDC 00113:2:226 1960-1960
Subdivision DP 22424: Aorangi No 1, F T Baxter MDC 00113:2:218 1960-1960
Subdivision DP 22465: Hamiltons Line and Crown Grant Road, H N McEwan and Others MDC 00113:2:217 1960-1960
Subdivision DP 22645: James Line and Eggletons Road, L J Wood MDC 00113:2:213 1961-1962
Subdivision DP 22737: Lockwood Road, J E Pratt MDC 00113:2:221 1960-1960
Subdivision DP 22768: Stoney Creek Road, A W Daw MDC 00113:2:210 1961-1961
Subdivision DP 23025: Eggletons Road, J H Thompson MDC 00113:2:223 1961-1961
Subdivision DP 23146: Gillespies Line, E G Dalefield MDC 00113:1:203 1959-1960
Subdivision DP 23345: James Line, W J O'Reilly MDC 00113:2:235 1961-1961
Subdivision DP 23409: Camerons Line, O J Jones and Others MDC 00113:2:238 1961-1961
Subdivision DP 23435: Rural Kairanga, W N Lawry MDC 00113:2:237 1976-1976
Subdivision DP 23852: Cloverlea Road and Boundary Road, S R Greatorex MDC 00113:2:243 1960-1962
Subdivision DP 23925: Ngaire Street, L T Hodgson MDC 00113:1:206 1960-1962
Subdivision DP 24521: Walkers Road, Conway and Mills MDC 00113:2:228 1961-1963
Subdivision DP 24521: Walkers Road, H J Mills MDC 00113:2:258 1962-1963
Subdivision DP 24528: Lockwood Road, A R Buchanan MDC 00113:2:261 1962-1963
Subdivision DP 24765: Aorangi Road and Longburn Rongotea Road, L B Wall MDC 00113:2:262 1963-1963
Subdivision DP 25141: Jackeytown Road and State Highway No 56, K A Rowland MDC 00113:2:254 1962-1963
Subdivision DP 25146: Aorangi Road, G M Mitchell MDC 00113:2:267 1963-1963
Subdivision DP 26061: Reserve Road, Mrs I S Francis MDC 00113:2:272 1963-1963
Subdivision DP 26093: Gillespies Line and Newbury Line, C C Browning MDC 00113:2:281 1964-1964
Subdivision DP 26174: Lockwood Road, Estate of A A Mitchell MDC 00113:2:282 1964-1964
Subdivision DP 26238: Walkers Road and Palmerston North State Highway, M W Cooksley MDC 00113:2:274 1964-1964
Subdivision DP 26936: Hansens Line and Kai Iwi Road, Estate M E Hansen MDC 00113:2:289 1964-1965
Subdivision DP 27016: Gillespies Line, P Manderson MDC 00113:2:265 1965-1973
Subdivision DP 27064: Skermans Line, G M Whitelock MDC 00113:2:297 1965-1965
Subdivision DP 27237: Kairanga Bunnythorpe Road and Longburn Rongotea Road, W A Matheson MDC 00113:2:288 1965-1966
Subdivision DP 27390: Camerons Line, C S Avery MDC 00113:2:300 1965-1966