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In 1995 the PNCC City Secretariat Unit produced a teaching resource for primary/intermediate schools. The teaching resource focused on the structure and basic services provided by the Council and contained 14 activities, which included:

- Identifying the services that the Council provides
- Discovering the reasons for having laws, by-laws and rules
- Comparing the structure of the Council to a school
- Carrying out a mock election
- Explaining the role of and gaining an insight into the duties of a Mayor and Councillor
- Develop an understanding of the special relationship between the Council and tangat whenua.

The teaching resource kit was very successful with schools within the Palmerston City where they were distributed, and other local governments bought the generic resource kits to adapt to their councils. This innovation featured in the February 1996 edition of the Local Governmnet Magazine and was also put forward for consideration at the SOLG/NRB Customer Service Awards 1996. Eventually, 32 schools received the kit, with excellent feedback received.

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