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PNCC O3/20/3
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Include inward and outward correspondence.

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created by (RiC-R027): Oroua County Council
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Ian Matheson City Archives
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30 m.p.h. Speed limit and traffic islands - correspondence and plans. PNCC O3/20/3:1:2 1964-1968
Ashhurst Development and Promotion. Correspondence, circulars, reports, policies and pamphlets PNCC O3/20/3:2:4 1964-1965
Ashhurst Rubbish Collection. Correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and circulars PNCC O3/20/3:2:5 1967-1969
Ashhurst Water Supply Scheme. Correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, minutes of special meetings re. Water scheme, minutes of the Water Works Committee, and plans PNCC O3/20/3:2:3 1962-1968
Correspondence, reports, petitions and newspaper clippings. PNCC O3/20/3:1:3 1958-1963
Engineers worksheets and reports. Plans, correspondence, reports of special meetings of the County Town Committee, and worksheets PNCC O3/20/3:2:1 1965-1970
Manawatu Safety Committee, Automobile Association, Manawatu-Electric Power Board, Ashhurst Jaycee Inc., and Post and Telegraph Office - correspondence circulars and reports. PNCC O3/20/3:1:1 1959-1964
Minutes of County Town Committee Engineers reports, circulars, estimates, rules for management of Ashhurst Hall, Town Planning objections, inward correspondence from County Council re. matters arising from meetings. PNCC O3/20/3:1:4 1964-1967
Minutes of County Town Committee, annotated copy of Oroua County Water Supply By-Law, plans and correspondence PNCC O3/20/3:1:5 1968-1971
Reports and agendas of ordinary and special meetings, newspaper clippings, circulars and reports PNCC O3/20/3:2:2 1962-1968