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PNCC 4/13/11
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A series of plans of the Labour Governments’s housing schemes in Palmerston North, 1937 – 1940 (mainly Savage Crescent) All plans were produced by the Department of Housing Construction. For other plans of state houses see series 4/13/6 and appropriate street. (eg Savage Crescent and Rangiora Avenue). For Roading plans, water plans and drainage plans, of early housing see 4/8/2 (plan numbers 275-279).

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Ian Matheson City Archives
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House Plan the Department of Housing Construction PNCC 4/13/11:0:2 1937-1938
House plans PNCC 4/13/11:0:3 1938-1940
Multi Units and Community Centre, Terrace End PNCC 4/13/11:0:1 1940
Roading Plans PNCC 4/13/11:0:4 1937
Specifications of Drainage Works PNCC 4/13/11:0:5 1937
Water Reticulation Work PNCC 4/13/11:0:6 1938
Workers Dwellings PNCC 4/13/11:0:1 1940