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PNCC 00086
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Post-1991 maps made by all units of Council for current and future planning. Includes maps from City Corporate, Future Planning, Geographical Information System (GIS) and Civil Defence.

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created by (RiC-R027): Palmerston North City Council
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Ian Matheson City Archives - Plan Cabinets
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Aokautere Topographical Map PNCC 7/6/11:2:12 1965
Aokautere Topographical Map PNCC 7/6/11:2:11 1965
Countour Map, Palmerston North & Surrounds PNCC 00086:1:3 2001-2001
Map, Landscape Assessment, Palmerston North PNCC 00086:1:5 2002-2002
Map, LiDAR Coverage, Palmerston North PNCC 00086:1:4 2005 (year approximate)
Map, Palmerston North City Current Land Use Planning Areas PNCC 00086:2:3 2005 (year approximate)
Maps of Manawatu Wind Farms PNCC 00086:1:2 2005 (year approximate)
Maps of Urban & Rural Palmerston North, 2004 PNCC 00086:1:1 2004
Maps, Palmerston North Rural and Urban Fire Districts PNCC 00086:2:4 2003
Palmerston North District Plan, 2005 PNCC 00086:2:1 2005-2007
Palmerston North GIS Maps, Miscellaneous PNCC 00086:2:4-10 2005 (year approximate)
Palmerston North Maps, Demographics & Miscellaneous Data PNCC 00086:3:1-16 2001-2005
Palmerston North Maps, Future Planning PNCC 00086:2:11-18 2005 (year approximate)-2007 (year approximate)
Strategic Roading Network Development, Manawatu Region PNCC 00086:2:2 2005 (year approximate)