District Planning Schemes - Notified Applications

PNCC K3/10/2
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A numerical sequence of files containing inward and outward correspondence relating to applications for conditional use approval, Specified departure approval, and change of use approval. An alaphabetical index can be found in subseries 3/10/4. For correspondance relating to creation of first District Scheme (1959 – 1960) and Variation No. 1 and No. 2 (1969-71) see Series KCC3/4/5, file 21/5 (A-C) . For correspondence realting to Reveiw of District Scheme (1982-1983) see Series KCC3/4/8, folders 20-21. For pre-review statement (1979-1980) see Series KCC3/4/9, folder 17.

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created by (RiC-R027): Kairanga County Council
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Ian Matheson City Archives
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Records in District Planning Schemes - Notified Applications

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A.W.A. Land Ltd (N.Z. Pharmaceuticals Ltd) Eyre Road Linton - Pharmaceutical Factory PNCC K3/10/2:2:37
Akoutere Minitaure Rifle club Inc. Pahiatua/Aokautere Road - Recreational purposes PNCC K3/10/2:2:48
Allen, Mrs E.F. (Kiwi Corner) State highway 57 - Commercial Zoning PNCC K3/10/2:1:6 1964
Barnes, P.A. Te Matai Road Whakarongo - Sale of Nursery Trees PNCC K3/10/2:4:70
Beck, C. & L.K. Napier Road Ashhurst - Sale of produce PNCC K3/10/2:7:112
Bonnington D.A. SH Aokautere - Rest Home For The ederly PNCC K3/10/2:10:203 1986-1987
Boshier, D.J. & J. (Linton Garage Ltd) Main Road Linton - New Workshop PNCC K3/10/2:2:47
Bromley, A.C. 135 Napier Road P.N. - Panel Fitting Shop PNCC K3/10/2:9:183
Chart Land Joe, Napier Road Whakarongo - Roadside Stall Trading Licence PNCC K3/10/2:7:130
Chart Land Joe, Napier Road Whakarongo - sale of produce PNCC K3/10/2:3:53
Chart Land Joe, Napier Road Whakarongo - Sale of produce not grown on property PNCC K3/10/2:8:165
Christian Fellowship Trust, Kelvin Grove Road - Training camp PNCC K3/10/2:8:163
Crawshaw, C.E. Whitmore Road Linton - Effluent Ponds PNCC K3/10/2:9:195
Currie, O.L. Staces Road Aokautere - Parking Area in front of Parking Shed (Market Gardening) PNCC K3/10/2:4:71
Currie, T. H. (Regular rubbish removals) Roberts Line, Palmerston North - Parking of vehicles and cleaning of drums PNCC K3/10/2:8:150
Curry [Currie], T.H. 2A Roberts Line, Palmerston North - Sale of produce and plants PNCC K3/10/2:7:98
Dawson, R.M. Napier Road - Specific Departure - Sub-division Residential PNCC K3/10/2:4:61
Dobson, R, J, D. & M.E.R. Stoney Creek Road - Meat Processing Plant PNCC K3/10/2:5:73
Dreyton, Kelly & Wiseman-SH 56 Awapuni - Erection of bldgs re vet clinic PNCC K3/10/2:10:217 1988
Eder Mr & Mrs J. Napier Road P.N. - Cottage Industry PNCC K3/10/2:8:141
Glenloch Farm Ltd, Sub-division - Market Garden PNCC K3/10/2:4:60
Glenloch Farm Ltd, Te Matai Road - Public Golf Course PNCC K3/10/2:4:59
Greer, Nora. Old West Road Tiritea - Sub-division PNCC K3/10/2:4:56
Harrison Bros Holdings, Napier Road - Wholesale Nursery Depot PNCC K3/10/2:2:41
Harrison, Mr L.M. (Spingfields Nurseries) Te Matai Road - Horticulture Buildings PNCC K3/10/2:6:95
Hart J.F. Tiritea Road - Subdivision of land to smaller units PNCC K3/10/2:10:214 1987-1988
Hart, J.F. Hart Road Linton - Farm Workshop for Agriculture Spary Equipment PNCC K3/10/2:9:179
Hunter R.I. Midhurst Street - Dog Training Centre & Board Kennels PNCC K3/10/2:2:31
Hutchinson, A.W. Orrs Road Aokautere - Erection of Sawmill PNCC K3/10/2:9:169
I.H.C. Society Inc. Pinfolds Road Aokautere PNCC K3/10/2:2:36
Johns, A.T. & M.C. and Johns, D.A. & D. Staces Road Aokautere - Rural Shop Trading Licence PNCC K3/10/2:7:111
Kelly, J.T. Milson Line - Sub-division - Veterinary Surgery PNCC K3/10/2:4:66
Kico Properties Ltd (Kiwi Corner Store) State highway 57 Linton - Extension shop premises PNCC K3/10/2:5:74
Kingsbeer's Garden Centre, Napier Road - Nursery & Retainilng Point PNCC K3/10/2:1:24 1969
Kingsbeer, L.B. & T. A. No.1 Line, Palmerston North - Sale of produce PNCC K3/10/2:7:103
Leong, B. & B. Napier Road P.N. - Sale of produce not grown PNCC K3/10/2:8:161
Leong, B. & B. State Highway 3 - Roadside stall Trading Licence PNCC K3/10/2:7:117
Linton Garage Ltd, State highway 57 (Kiwi Corner) Garage/Service station/Refreshment room PNCC K3/10/2:1:5 1963-1964
Lockwood, P.D. & S.A. (Homestead Gardens) SH3/Te Matai Road - Sale of extended range of produce PNCC K3/10/2:8:162
Majestic Horsefloats Ltd. Racecourse Road Awapuni - Commercial building PNCC K3/10/2:5:75B
Majestic Horsefloats Ltd. Racecourse Road Awapuni - Vehicles & horses PNCC K3/10/2:5:75A
Manawatu Pony Club - Tiritea Branch, Main Road North Aokautere - Recreational Use PNCC K3/10/2:9:167
Manawatu Radio Company, Rongotea Road, Longburn - Radio transmitting mast and building PNCC K3/10/2:6:84
McDonald, J.M. (Aokautere Store) State Highway 57A (Fitz East) - General Store/Service Station/Garage PNCC K3/10/2:1:13
Morris, G.E. Stoney Creek Road Whakarongo - Sub-division PNCC K3/10/2:8:151
N.Z. Girl Guide Association, Old West Road - Outdoor Training Centre PNCC K3/10/2:8:160
N.Z. Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Eyre Road Linton - Extension of factory on adjacent Land PNCC K3/10/2:9:196
N.Z. Pharmaceuticles Ltd, Eyre Road Linton - Extension of factory on adjacent Land PNCC K3/10/2:7:133
N.Z. Transport supplies LTD, Napier Road - Workshop/service Station PNCC K3/10/2:1:4 1965
Nivek Holdings Ltd, cnr Railway Road & Armstrong Street - erection of warehouse (Dist. Centre) PNCC K3/10/2:10:215 1988