District Planning Schemes - Notified Applications

PNCC K3/10/3
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One file from a numerical sequence of "codafile" files, containing inward and outward correspondence relating to applications for subdivisional approval. The series originated with the Manawatu District Council in 1988 (following the amalgamation of the Kairanga County and the Manawatu County). The other files in this series are held by the Manawatu District Council, but this file was transfered to the Palmerston North City Council in 1988, after the boundry was extended to include all of Summerhill Drive. For correspondance relating to creation of first KCC District Scheme (1959 – 1960) and Variation No. 1 and No. 2 (1969-71) see Series KCC3/4/5, file 21/5 (A-C) . For correspondence realting to Reveiw of District Scheme (1982-1983) see Series KCC3/4/8, folders 20-21. For pre-review statement (1979-1980) see Series KCC3/4/9, folder 17.

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created by (RiC-R027): Kairanga County Council
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Ian Matheson City Archives
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