Executive Officers Project Committee: Order papers and attachments

PNCC 1/26/2
Descriptive Note

These files include reports presented to the Committee by Council Officers. Many of these reports were not presented to any other Committee and do not appear on the subject files in series 1/5/5. The item numbers written in ink on the top of each report and alongside the number on the order paper correspond with the item number typed on the summary of decisions in series 1/26/1. Maintained by the Deputy Town Clerk who was secretary of the Committee. This committee was established in 1976 and consisted of the City Engineer, the Town Clerk, the City Treasurer and the City Planner. It was the most influential of the various committee of Senior Officers established by the Council, being empowered to deal with issues of city development projects and all Council projects (for terms of reference see file 4/2/1/35 in subseries 1/5/5).

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