Inward and Outward Correspondence and Subject Files

PNCC K3/4/3
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Numbered subject files created by the County Clerk. Containing inward and outward correspondence, reports and newspaper cuttings.

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created by (RiC-R027): Kairanga County Council
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Ian Matheson City Archives
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Records in Inward and Outward Correspondence and Subject Files

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12.5% Rebate on Rates PNCC K3/4/3:13:35 1934-1940
Abolition of seperate Ridings finance PNCC K3/4/3:9:23 1955
Alteration in Kairanga/Pahiatua Boundary PNCC K3/4/3:10:24 1941-1948
Aorangi Road Loan PNCC K3/4/3:18:50 1924-1935
Awapuni Roads Improvement Loan of £6500 PNCC K3/4/3:1:1 1950
Craws Road - Linton PNCC K3/4/3:10:25 1935-1942
Dalton Road and Saunders subdivision PNCC K3/4/3:10:26 1932-1934
Employment Matters PNCC K3/4/3:5:13 1934-1954
Feilding Borough Council re Boundaries Aorangi Bridge PNCC K3/4/3:12:31 1929-1932
Group system of traffic control PNCC K3/4/3:10:27 1931-1941
Hamilton Bends - Moores Floodgate PNCC K3/4/3:5:10 1928-1936
Home Guard PNCC K3/4/3:6:12 1940-1941
Insurance policies PNCC K3/4/3:11:28 1940-1947
Insurance policies PNCC K3/4/3:11:29 1940-1947
Joint By-Laws PNCC K3/4/3:4:7 1926
Kahuterawa Bridge & Road Loan PNCC K3/4/3:17:48 1919-1922
Land taken for workers dwellings PNCC K3/4/3:8:21 1920-1922
Limestone Reserve PNCC K3/4/3:9:22 1935-1958
Loans - Foxton Line, Kairanga B'th Rd, Rangitikei Line, Napier Rd, Fitzherbert East Rd. Dev. PNCC K3/4/3:15:41 1921-1928
Loans - Widening Road approaching Fitzherbert Bridge, No. 4 Line, Plant-Taonui Rd. PNCC K3/4/3:16:45 1921-1929
Local Body Election PNCC K3/4/3:1:2 1932
Local Body Election (1935) and By-Election (1936) PNCC K3/4/3:1:3 1935-1936
Local Body Election (1938, 1941, 1944) and By-Election (1939) PNCC K3/4/3:2:4 1938-1944
Local Body Election (1947) PNCC K3/4/3:2:5 1947
Local Government Commission re alteration of boundaries PNCC K3/4/3:12:30 1952
Main Highway No. 60 Loan of £4000 PNCC K3/4/3:15:40 1937-1942
Mangaone Rd. Culverts & Bridges Loan PNCC K3/4/3:17:47 1919-1927
Melford Street Loan £600 PNCC K3/4/3:17:46 1919-1933
Motor Vehicles Act PNCC K3/4/3:4:8 1924
National Expenditure Adjustment Account PNCC K3/4/3:8:19 1932-1933
New Fitzherbert Bridge Loan of £6000 PNCC K3/4/3:12:32 1929-1939
New Zealand Centennial Exhibition PNCC K3/4/3:8:18 1937-1941
Oroua River Protection Work PNCC K3/4/3:4:9 1938-1941
Patriotic Fund PNCC K3/4/3:5:14 1942-1946
Plant & Workmens Cottage Loan PNCC K3/4/3:18:49 1919-1922
Railway Deviation PNCC K3/4/3:14:37 1947-1948
Replies by Waitemata County Council to Local Government Commission Questionaire PNCC K3/4/3:13:34 1949
Report on Inquiry re alteration in boundaries PNCC K3/4/3:13:33 1948
Requisitions under Health Act Re Dwellings PNCC K3/4/3:19:51 1949-1954
Rivers Control Bill PNCC K3/4/3:3:6 1941
Sanitation at Longburn PNCC K3/4/3:14:38 1933-1934
Stoney Creek PNCC K3/4/3:5:11 1923-1940
Treasury Loans PNCC K3/4/3:15:42 1911-1919
United Nations Appeal for Children PNCC K3/4/3:7:15 1948
United Nations Appeal for Children PNCC K3/4/3:7:16 1950
United Nations Appeal for Children PNCC K3/4/3:7:17 1952
Whakarongo Land Drainage Board PNCC K3/4/3:13:36 1919-1923
Young's Metal Pit PNCC K3/4/3:8:20 1936-1939
£1000 loan for Road Surfacing - Napier Rd, Rangitikei Line and Foxton Line PNCC K3/4/3:14:39 1920-1929
£5000 Loan - Foxton and Rangitikei Lines PNCC K3/4/3:16:43 1928